• Browse Workouts, Yoga Poses and Pilates - Watch videos of correct form and benefits of 300+ workouts and 900+ exercises and yoga poses
  • 3D Human Body - Learn more about the human anatomy
  • Diet Tracker - Add from over 300 thousand foods to track your daily calorie intake
  • Cardio Tracker - Track your cardio training and analyze progress over time
  • Symptom Checker - Enter symptoms to get information on possible health conditions with the Interactive Symptom Checker
  • Medical lookup - Learn more about drugs and common medical procedures
  • Roam your data - Keep your health & fitness data and preferences synced across your devices
  • Note - Some features may not be available in all markets

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M · 8/1/2015
Great Collection of Health, Food, and exercise informat

This has a great collection of Health, Food, and Exercise information. It's all in one location. Good time reading, extremely informative.

Gwen · 8/3/2015
Please keep this app

This is one stop shopping - useful recipes, workouts, tracking info. I'm not really sure why you are discontinuing it. I wish you would keep it.

Mark · 7/31/2015
Dead, see below

The Diet Tracker and other services no longer work. App no longer allows you to add or remove entries. So disappointed in Microsoft for killing this great and invaluable app with no plans to transfer our data to a new service. The Microsoft Health app only works if you have the Band. I guess I'll be looking for a non-MS alternative to keep track of my Health and Fitness. Such a huge fail.

Chris · 8/1/2015
One of the few "Modern" apps that I actually use

SERIOUSLY YOU ARE GETTING RID OF THIS APP???? But you are keeping the Sports app for the jock heads and the money app for the stock market gamblers???? The popularity of health and fitness is growing as the years go by and Microsoft actually has probably the best informative and interesting app for it but because it's not that popular (yet) you are killing it? This is why Microsoft always fails, they try something new and if its not a huge success they kill it off in a few years. This is why people don't trust Microsoft, you guys don't stand by your products. Health oriented software is traditionally more popular with mac users so you have to wait this one out for popularity to grow (good time now with Win 10) By killing health, travel, and food but keeping Sports and Money you reinforce the stereotype of windows/Microsoft being only for Business people and computer illiterate uneducated people. The more creative & cultured fit types will continue to see apple as their company.

David · 7/29/2015
DON'T RETIRE such a great app!!!!!

This app is excellent. I'm an IT professional and Microsoft Certified. I recently switched to a windows phone to try it out and the lack of good apps is the biggest problem. This one was a shining example of what MS can do well. And now you retire it? HORRIBLE idea!!!! You are finally getting the hang of the online world and now you go messing it up again. I will send more notes in the official channels. Read the posts. The public actually likes this!!!! KEEP IT!!!! You say you listen so fix it!

Kent · 7/26/2015

This is a 5 star app...cannot believe that Microsoft is discontinuing. A word to the Microsoft think tank that decided to drop this app, dropping useful and popular apps makes your Windows phones less relevant.

Reviewer 7882 · 7/30/2015
not very user friendly

great for writing down what you in take but there is no way to print or share what you have entered. Would be great to be able to print out diet tracker to show Dr or trainer.

L · 7/26/2015

Awesome app! I am a type 1 diabetic, and I also have high blood pressure, it helps track my calories how much carbohydrates I'm dealing with in servings, as well as keep me on specified diet! It's the perfect health app for me! I'm disappointed. That they will be disregarding this app come November, I have a Microsoft band as well, but I just hope by the time windows 10 launches, Microsoft. Health gives you the option of doing the same functions as msn health, along with syncing those same features as Msn health and fitness with the Microsoft band....

Larri · 7/26/2015
Ms. Larri

You people can't leave well enough alone. This App is great for me and my daughter in law. It applies to you personally and in your own home not in the market for all to see. My privacy is important to me and this App gave it to me. Yoga and the whole nine yards, Now for whatever reason you are taking my only means of exercise away from me. You should never have given it in the first place. I could look on here for healthy foods, those foods I thought were healthy, diets that were potentially dangerous, so many different things I could do and enjoy right from my home. Shame on you ALL. To think I boasted on my privilege to input information and get decent feedback. Thanks for nothing man...Thanks a lot!

Paul · 7/31/2015
Don't get rid of a great app!

Truth be told, it's a little buggy, but it's still a fantastic app, and something that's way better than any experience I've ever had on a Samsung phone. Especially love the calorie tracker and activity tracker.

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