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Chris · 1/16/2015

Crashes on load

Miroslav · 8/20/2014

Useless. Won't display play list by theater. Won't display any movies, period. Just trailers and similar fluff. Unhelpful. Possibly some licensing limitation no one cares about. Waste of time.

Jean · 12/31/2013

Doesn't have current listings anymore and keeps refreshing so you can't read anything.

Bryan · 12/29/2013

Basically, it does not function well. I always have to resort to using google.

Oleg · 10/6/2013

Does not reflect the truth. It shows movies that are nowhere to be found in theaters in my city.

Steve · 3/13/2013

More useful to just Bing search.

User · 3/4/2013

This is a decent app with one HUGE problem - it's "showtimes" is not complete. Wife wanted to see Silver Linings Playbook, I look it up and MS says it is not playing anywhere. WRONG. Go into Yahoo, and it is definitely playing at the local theater. Maybe MS charges to list movies, and they didn't pay.

Brett · 2/1/2013

Quite buggy. Cannot load movie listings often. Stupid developers.

Andy · 1/28/2013

Would love to be able to track movies I have seen or my wish list.

njsokalski · 7/23/2012

I definitely like the interface as a way to view the movie info on a mobile device. However, I have noticed that the information for showtimes is not always the same as the MSN Movies website. I would think that the information would come from the same source and be the same, but it isn't. Specifically, I have noticed that some 3D movies are not listed as 3D, so you end up selecting something like Hit Movie XYZ, but end up seeing showtimes for Hit Movie XYZ 3D. Because of this, I have basically resorted to simply viewing the MSN Movies website on my phone when I want to get showtimes, because it is much more reliable.