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Reviewer 3891 · 8/30/2015
Cool App, but had to reinstall to get it to work.

This app was working just fine and I really enjoyed the format and how I could chose what I wanted to hear about. Unfortunately today it kept on crashing every time I would open it, so I just reinstalled and it works fine now. Great App, I just shouldn't have had to reinstall it.

John · 8/29/2015
Thank you for fixing.

Microsoft apps are great imo. Easy to read and navigate, most of the information you need right when you open it or on the tile. I don't really use anything else.

DALE · 9/1/2015
Only a good app

This is a good app and would be better if was not MSN powered. Every time I read an article it takes a while for everything to load and you cannot scroll until whatever in the background is finished loading. It constantly sticks.

David · 8/22/2015
Threw the baby out with the wash

I LOVED the news & money interface in Win8.1 - great summary and paged left to right, used full screen. Outdid Apple in their own game. I purposely used my tablet to view it - great experience and complete. Now the news (and Money) looks just like any other news outlet one finds in the browser - all vertical paging with blocks you jump thru. Even the arrow key scrolling is now jumpy in non touch environment - goes from topic to topic instead of smooth scroll. I do like Win 10, however deeply disappointed with the new interface and what is presented. Giant ** HUM. Please give back an option to have the one that Win 8.1 presented - on News AND Money. I loved the full screen operation of Win 8 (for programs designed to operate in it's environment) especially your News and Money apps. Now menu driven and just a look-a-like with other apps and also browser versions. Takes many more key strokes/menu selections to get the same data, and in some cases, no longer there.

Sandeep · 8/21/2015
Great design. Effective.

I like the UI and design of the app. It's easy and efficient.

Elliot · 8/19/2015
Very nice app!

This app is really seamless and touch-friendly. It is perfect for a weekend read and the train. I would really like the ability to add and delete sources. This is a really nice app!

Ed · 8/22/2015
Graphic appeal is gone

Bing News used to have the most pleasant presentation with a full page photo and article intro. Now, its just a list of topics. And the personalization of "My Topics" appears to be totally gone now. Too bad.

Sanchai · 8/27/2015
won't install on Lumia 920 witn win 8.1

Have tried download and install many times but it fail to install on my Lumia 920 with windows 8.1. It ask me to do phone update. But the update show Thai my software is up to date. Fix please. Just started problem in this latest version. If there is any solution. Please let me know Have tried remove the old version but ibdtsll still fail. Help please I love this app

Randy · 8/29/2015
Addictive if you like news

I like the fact it covers a broad spectrum of topics, but it could use more numerous sources for personal preference topics. I like the tech and science stuff most, I have that on the top of my review list and read those the most. It would be nice if there were an a.i. that would recognize that and load lots more articles according to my usage from more sources. Maybe I'm just spoiled by Cortana.😊

Keith · 8/9/2015
Daily use

It's a great daily use app to keep up with news. I use it to track topics as well. My favorite by far.



  • My News – It's all yours. Explore the news events, and interests and parts of the world that matter. Add any interest that's important to you.
  • Interests – Customize your My News page by choosing from dozens of interests curated by our editors, as well as updates on interests like favorite sports teams, investment news etc.
  • Local News – Pick the place you care about most and stay connected with news from hand-picked local sources.
  • Immersive images - Tapping on an photo in an article expands it to fill your screen and creates a gallery of beautiful photos from the news.
  • Video - See the news as it happened in videos from top news sources worldwide.
  • Note: Some features may not be available in all markets.

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