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  • Immersive images - Tapping on an photo in an article expands it to fill your screen and creates a gallery of beautiful photos from the news.
  • Video - See the news as it happened in videos from top news sources worldwide.
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Wes · 7/23/2015
Overall Good But Needs Offline and Custom Sources

As far as design goes, this news reader is a very fluid, clean looking and generally fast experience. Overall I enjoy using it, but while its curated interests are often good enough, I would really prefer a bit more control over the news I read. It is also lacking an offline reading feature for getting the news in places without an internet connection (i.e. airplanes). For me these two missing features hold it back from being my main news reader, but if you don't really care about either of those, this reader is definitely worth giving a shot.

Gary · 7/30/2015
Can't add your own sources

The windows 8 version of this app allowed the user to add their own feeds and sources, but in Windows 10 this has been removed. You can only add general search terms called "interests", but can't add a specific source to view. Curated content is OK, but without a way to add specific sources and feeds, this app isn't very useful.

Stan · 7/31/2015
Windows 10 Update ruined the app

It went from five to two stars really quickly. I miss the 8.1 app that allowed me to choose sources. The old app was also organized so much better. This is a jumbled mess.

Erik · 7/28/2015
Great App

Aggregates news, toasts for breaking news, great UI, very responsive, great app.

FirstName · 8/1/2015
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FirstName · 8/1/2015

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Jack · 7/31/2015
News Wrapped For You

Like: Personalization is dynamic, as in learn as you go. Don't Like: Sharing via Twitter is not integrated.

FirstName · 7/31/2015

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Reviewer 9217 · 7/31/2015
Bias and unfair

MSN is too bias and unfair to be considered news.

Vince · 7/31/2015
Note as useful as original version on 8.1

Miss the large cover story image too, can't select news sources anymore

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