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Gabrielle · 7/26/2015
Very sad to hear it's being discontinued

Over the past few years, I planned more than one sight seeing trip almost exclusively with this app. I loved how it gathered a bunch of different perspectives and essays and attractions into one place. It's been a great tool for me and I'm very sad to hear that it is being discontinued.

Sonny · 7/10/2015

So glad i never updated app. Also you all should make sure update app manually instead of automatically. Since i see these complaints on it using web browser. So yes love integration.

Kevin · 7/23/2015

Whats happened? When I click off someone part on the app... I redirectioned to web site MSN Travel, AND I DON'T WANT REDIRECTIONED TO THE WEB SITE. So, what's the meaning of this app if all links redirectioned to a web site? Bad, bad, bad. Fix this thing ASAP. 👎😠💔 Why Microsoft ends support for the best travel app off all Windows Phone Store? I don't understand... I don't want other travel app... just I want Microsoft think about what are doing. Please, no ends support of this app. A lot of many users of Windows Phone want see this app on Windows 10 Mobile.

alex · 6/26/2015
The new CEO must go. Bring Ballmer or Gates back!

This has become utter rubbish. I used Ballmer's app a lot for travel with location based itineraries and it was fantastic with all premium content from Fodor's, lonely planet, etc. Now it's just Travel News and a bunch of external web links. Was this outsourced to India or something????? Utter garbage

Theresa · 7/26/2015
Great App

Has always worked great for me, very helpful and interesting articles. It's really disappointing you are discontinuing this app.

Matthew · 7/4/2015
Used to be awesome -- now sucks

I liked it before it completely changed. You used to be able to search a location and find cool things to do in the area and view 360 degree pictures of sights to see -- the images moved with the accelerometer in the tablet.

Reviewer 0116 · 6/12/2015
MSN update ruined it

Used to be a killer app - would use it to show off my Surface to iPad friends by pulling up an interactive panorama of all sorts of places. That is now gone, and it is just a front end for flight and hotel searches. Garbage. Thanks for nothing, Microsoft.

Benjamin · 6/11/2015
This app is now a glorified webwrapper

If that. Clicking anything takes you straight to a web browser. The experience this app used to provide was fantastic and now it is useless.

Reviewer 2017 · 5/28/2015

The latest update made this app totally useless. The earlier version was one of my favorites. What good is it without the search function? The original version also showed other travel places within a distance of the one you were looking at. I will look for something else to help with travel.

Rod · 6/16/2015

I hope this is temporary until windows 10 is released. This app used to be great before the last update. Now while looking to book a hotel, it eventually goes to booking.com, very disappointing.

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