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Aneel · 8/27/2015
More innovation

I love the App and the way it presents accurate Data. But can you make it more intuitive please. I gave suggestion on the mobile App as well through Windows Feedback, but as both Apps are Same, One request is if you guys can make clouds fly, rain droplets come down sunrays and stuff. We love Windows 10 and I am sure you have a way to update it in an intuitive manner. Thanks.

Olivia · 8/27/2015

MSN Weather crashed two seconds after clicking on the Tile. Also, weather information does not display on the Tile or Lock Screen.

James · 8/27/2015
Great App

I like this app! It runs well and appears to give consistently accurate results for the cities that I monitor. It always updates when I launch it and it gives me all of the information that I need.

jay · 8/19/2015
Does not auto update

App came bundled with Win 10 upgrade. Does not auto-update. Always shows old data until app is opened and manually refreshed with home button. Live tile always shows old data or no data. Weather apps need to show conditions in real time (or at least short intervals) to be of any use. Mobile version continues to work fine on my 8.1 Nokia, but the Win 10 PC version is useless.

Jonathan · 8/20/2015
Great Built in Weather App!

It's visually pleasing, full of great features, and it's got no ads unlike the previous version in Windows 8 and 8.1, one problem I have with it is that there's no live tile animation on my end. It worked fine after I upgraded, but then it got a small update and the live tile function just died afterwards, but despite that, I love the app, it's clean, fresh, and it just looks good! But please fix the live tile function on mine Microsoft...

Jason · 8/25/2015
More consistently accurate

I've used most of the popular weather apps and this one has been more consistently accurate.

Edward · 8/23/2015
Beautiful but wrong

Beautiful design, but the hourly forecast summary doesn't always show rain. For example, the details show 90% chance at 9am and 70% chance at 10am, but the summary for those times only shows clouds. The app also sometimes silently displays stale data, making it not so reliable to use for looking at current temp, etc.

Michael · 8/15/2015
It's Okay; Needs Work

This is a nice visually-pleasing weather app, offering a good selection of relevant weather info, without any ads (so far). Has standard weather app features like saving favorite locations and also offers Lock Screen integration, which is nice when it actually works. Unfortunately, this app struggles to stay up to date, and the app's live tile frequently fails and becomes outdated by several hours. The aforementioned Lock Screen integration is also sketchy at best, sometimes displaying accurate forecast info, other times just rapidly blinking or not displaying at all. Finally, don't expect to pin multiple favorite locations on your start menu, which used to work in July 2015, but has since broken after an August Windows Update patch. Good effort, but still not as useful as the retired Windows 7 Weather Gadget.

Jacob · 8/25/2015
Good format, poor execution

Live tile consistently does not update. New version has locked itself on a default location and does not allow me to change it. After nearly a year of use, I have determined that the current temp is consistently off when compared to other more accurate sources

henry · 8/23/2015
it works , guyz!

user friendly, easy to detail.



  • Local Weather - Quickly access 10-day and hourly forecasts.
  • Severe Weather Alerts - Timely notifications help you prepare for severe weather.
  • Places - Conveniently track current weather in the locations you care about most.
  • Maps - Go deep with radar, temperature, precipitation, cloud and satellite maps. Interactive maps allow you to pan and zoom.
  • Historical Weather - Planning a trip? See what's the weather's like, month by month.
  • Weather News - View articles, videos, and slideshows.
  • Live Tile - See current weather conditions for any city right on your Start menu or Start screen. Click or tap for the full forecast.
  • Note: Some features may not be available in all markets.

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