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Reviewer 3780 · 8/24/2015
Great, but annoying...

It's great! You have a wide selection of music genres for free! Though, I do have problems. Recently, I created a song and when I recorded it, it crashed! It disappointed me, though I swept it off and re-did best I could, and when I went to record it, It crashed again! I tried just recording a song that was already made and no doubt, it crashed. Please update! Before, I had no problems what so ever! Now, I can't even save them! I love the app but if it keeps doing this by the next update, I'm gonna have to remove it.

Tamim · 8/15/2015
Very good and enjoyable

Wide variety of sounds available. But the UI needs an overhaul like the Android version.

Joe · 8/5/2015

what happened to the other version/app "Music Maker Jam for HP"??!! ever since the new "Windows 10" update, its not in the Microsoft store anymore AND I can't even delete this app from my laptop either because it is nowhere to be found in my apps but when I look on the store for it, I'm able to open the app!!! Someone please explain what is going on here because I like the other music maker app too as well!! now I feel like I don't have a point anymore in using the app because of all this frustration and I been using it for almost 2 years now until now!!

Reviewer 1275 · 8/21/2015
I wish I could record my own vocal track on here!

If I could do that then I'd give this app all 5 stars. I'm in a HP and I use this app on my phone and they do have the option to voice record but I can't seem to find that option on my computer program. Could you possibly update it with that feature?

hector h. · 8/9/2015
A new Sound in Town.

"Tejano Jazz", made possible by these guys. Music Maker Jam. Tejano, that's me. Jazz, I, enjoy Jazz Music. For the past 15 years ,I, the music has mellowed to much. The groups have disappeared, or broke up. Anyway, My head is full of notes, instruments, sounds. This is my style.

Reviewer 4867 · 8/11/2015
At first

At first it was working flawlessly, then after I bought a few styles, I noticed a little slowing down. Now after having close to 20 styles, it no longer functions and it freezes up. I checked the computer but it is a brand new core i7 processor HP laptop. It works perfectly. I had to Uninstall it for it was slowing down my Laptop, and it was kicking me out before it finished loading. I couldn't access it anymore.

Matthew · 7/24/2015
Well filled out app

For a free option this is a great entry to simple music creation. A nice selection of options to get started and purchase options for those who want to get more serious. Lacking tutorials but fun none the less.

Reviewer 9022 · 8/22/2015
I know how to operate windows computer really well

I give this 5 star review because there many things you can do with this app!! This is good for any gaming channel you can make a background tune to keep your viewers interesting. You can make a presentation using windows moviemaker and add music to the video for better results! In conclusion I suggest anyone who reads my review to try this app!!!!!

Reviewer 5346 · 6/22/2015
Listening to it after deleted app and saved it

Why is it that I am not able to listen to the music I made after I saved the music before I deleted the app. I am not able to play my music on Windows Media Player, why? I loved the music I made, but am really upset that I cannot ever play it allowed again for anyone else to hear. Why? I want to recommend this app to others and have, but they are having similar problems with Music Maker Jam as I am. Please if there is an app that I can open my music I made onto it, let me know ASAP. Also iCloud doesn't play it, or move or copy it onto my music app or my iCloud Music. Really starting to annoy me. PLEASE FIGURE THIS OUT ASAP!

Reviewer 2295 · 6/23/2015
Cool and easy to use

I like this program a lot. Unless it is me...genre I purchase...sometimes are there..then disappear. It generally gets corrected on the next update. Example....I just bought Techno Vol. 3, it was there...now doesn't show up. When I look on available genre....its not there either. I have had this problem once before. Hard to know who to contact......but other than that annoyance... very good program



  • Four free music styles: Dubstep plus three more of your choice
  • Heavy Rotation: Switch styles every month for free
  • Expand your music library with additional styles such as Hip Hop, Drum&Bass, Techno, Movie Score, House, Metal etc.
  • Use loops from different music styles at the same time in one project
  • Mix your music on the 8-channel mixer
  • Adjust tempo and harmonies
  • Tilt it: Create cool realtime effects by tilting your device
  • Shake it: Remix tracks by shaking your device
  • Record a song and share it with friends
  • Use your own background images for your tracks

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Version notes

With this update you get four brand-new style releases: - Acoustic Strings - Arctic Dubstep Vol. 2 - House Vol. 3 - Modern Roots ... improved performance and better scaling on Windows 10 and 8.1

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