• ** NEW ** Substitute the singer voice with your own, when listening your mp3 files (BETA) for a Karaoke-like experience ** NEW **
  • ** NEW ** Configure any skydrive, network or local folder for search for music ** NEW **
  • ** NEW ** Youtube Video played in-app, with sing along text ** NEW **
  • Identify music through the microphone with the MusicID
  • Access millions of song lyrics
  • Play music from within the app
  • Access lyrics available in tens of languages
  • Play mp3/wma/m4a non-DRM files
  • Stream music to devices supporting PlayTo specs (e.g. xbox and dlna tvs)
  • Buy music on Amazon, iTunes and 7-Digital
  • Play full albums
  • Look big album coverarts
  • Optimized for Microsoft Surface/WindowsRT devices!

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sing along the music, substituting singer voice with your own (BETA) youtube video played in-app recognize music on-air at radio/TV through the MusicID bigger cover arts faster startup, after the first scan play full albums simply tapping on the album name

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hamed · 7/28/2015

In the name of GOD the merciful. Perfect. very nice. Say hello to the team builder program،your program is very good and beautiful design،I use it every day and it's enjoyable،if it is possible for a manufacturer team to update the program and adds new features to DNS. Thank you and cheers. Thank you for reading my letter of the leftist's time I'm hamed and from IRAN. به نام یگانه جهان بین هستی. سلام و خسته نباشید به تیم فوقالعاده برنامه،بسیار خوشحال هستم که از این برنامه استفاده می کنم و از اون لذت می برم،منتظر بروزرسانی های پیشرفته ی شما هستیم. با سپاس فراوان دوست دار شما حامد

Deshan · 7/25/2015

Great app, but try to add lyrics share , it means not the link, actual lyrics need to share. Then it will be perfect. As well as I can't see my history even though app connected to facebook. After fix those issues via a update then i will rate this for 5 🌟. Regards....

Muhammad · 7/5/2015

lyric collection is not complete enough

Jorgeus · 7/4/2015

Great APP!!! It's simple and easy to use. But one thing , can you let us store the lyrics for offline use? I would rate this app for a 5 star!

prashray · 7/20/2015

Please add feature for offline lyrics , ones downloaded

Erica · 7/20/2015

Very nice app! Hope you integrate Spotify on your music provider 😉

Dinesh Kumar · 6/24/2015

It's really excellent app. No other app is best like this one in Windows store I guess. Kudos to Dev team. But there is few fix should be done. 1. Enhance the search engine to find the song from web 2. Provide option to download lyrics offline. Apart from this, the app is really excellent. I tried with 3 language songs including Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, etc. Works pretty good. And Tamil lyrics with Tamil fonts. Awesome. :) Keep updating.. Don't miss the fans. Will share to my friends.. :)

gopi · 6/27/2015

I love this App , but u knw the only problem with this OFFLINE LYRICS, it makes it better if yu add more of regional album! Fix this in the new update and this becomes the best lyric player ever

Prateek · 7/20/2015

I cant find the shuffle button The lock screen integration is sexy!

Anish · 6/18/2015

Great app. folder view for songs is missing unlike android and so are playlists. Not even favourite list is present. But other all, app is great. Good lyrics and music ID thing.

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