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stephen · 5/3/2014

Opened the first time. Now will no longer open at all with windows phone dev preview 8.1

simon · 5/2/2014

Waited ages for it and its pretty usless crashes all the time . Often fails to load.

Adrian · 12/11/2014

Not working at all. Just hangs :'(

lee · 5/19/2014

Needs to be updated to work on 8.1. Just freezes on the EE logo page

Wybren · 4/26/2014

Worked first Tim on wp8.1 not anymore. Also epically slow which makes it a pain to use. Needs sorting.

Alain · 6/1/2014

Stopped working after installing 8.1

jean-louis · 4/16/2014

Useless lately, keeps freezing at the front page, constantly have to log back despite selecting to be kept logged in, lastly it's slow to load!

Mark · 5/29/2014

As others have said it doesn't get past the splash screen. 1st use was good after installing. Cant get it to open again

Téo · 4/11/2014

Very useful app, but only when it works... I mean sometimes it just won't open and get stuck on the welcome EE logo, sometimes it doesn't detect my SIM... And it is never fluid on my Lumia 920...

Marston · 8/13/2014

Got told to download this app because for some reason EE have decided not to let me know my data usage on 150 number. But this doesn't work either... Great work EE, you can keep telling us that you're the best provider in the country at every opportunity but that doesn't make it true.