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watsi · 9/27/2011

Would give a great review but the search feature is no good... Can't seem to handle multi-word searches... =P

ToddMacD · 1/28/2011


GoldReaper · 12/14/2010

Amazing application. Can't live without it. Perfect for studying SAT vocab or Spanish vocab. I only have two recommendations. First, make it possible to create the cards not only online, but in the application (on my device) as well. Second, make it so that the list of "My Sets" can be ordered differently. It would be helpful if I could put my most recent set at the top of the list so that I don't have to scroll down to it every time I want to study it. Other than those two recommendations, this application is perfect. I suggest it for anyone and everyone.

darren · 10/16/2012

So after being told I would need 350 flash cards to learn these medical terminology words, I said heck with that, there's gotta be a flash card app which would be better cause I could study on the go. I just found this app and was happy enough it was free, but was dreading the extra time I would have to spend creating the cards. Then I realize u search a database. Like most people would think, I thought to myself... Oh great! What would be the odds of finding exactly what I needed. So I took a shot and typed in the med terminology book I use, and BOOM! Everything I needed was there, and ALREADY MADE UP! Now I have one for all the terms when the final hits, and until then, I have sets for each chapter so I can be specific depending on the week. This app is absolutely amazing! Free ANDDDD preloaded subjects so u spend more time studying and less time creating!

Ronaldo586 · 3/16/2012

This app is the shizzz, its cray good. You obviously add your set from quizlet.com For everyone who wishes u can make your own cards: go to quizlet.com register and make ur own set and search for your user name. Boom.

ZEROFREED0M · 7/21/2011

At first I was confused at why this program doesn't allow you to edit the cards, but then I went to the website and this program is amazing. I highly recommend this program to learn vocabulary words or whatever. Plus the cards online can be said out loud with a smart word recognizing program.

mariahsull · 1/23/2011

Awesome app! I wish the search was a little more accurate, but that's a problem with almost every search. Be careful which cards you save, because some people entered them backwards. That means that when you use them the answer is shown first. It would be great if the app would let you flip the orientation of the cards. That would alleviate that problem. I would also like the ability to create cards within the application. Please make these things possible in an update!

WebTamer · 1/23/2011

Abel Martin THANK YOU! for such a great APP; I love it. works well, has a great purpose and more so my kids love it :)

Jikodis · 12/23/2010

Best flashcard app out there! Amazing deck database. Use it for learning html,CSS,JavaScript,PHP and the like. Only suggestions would be to allow you to view the back of the cards first as well. I find that really tests my memory best if I can go both ways on the flashcard. Also an incorporated spaced repetition system would be nice though not necessary.

User · 4/14/2015

Total waste of time. Couldn't find a single set!


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