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Bill · 1/9/2013
$2.45 per month?

Nice graphics, mostly historical information (who would have thought?). ;-) I am just not into paying the money for most of the content. Uninstalled.

Jack · 11/24/2012
Saw this on Jensen Harris's Presentation

Saw this on Jensen Harris's Presentation

Noel · 9/24/2013
BEWARE: Subscription Doesn't Work-UPDATE

After 10 months, it's still a beautifully-designed app. It's also still late with the issues -- every month! -- even though I pay a subscription fee. I've come to realize this effort isn't quite up to par. Articles sometimes seem sloppily written. The subscription isn't on time. I've decided that I'm not going to renew. Though I think many could like this, it just isn't for me. I want something a little more professionally written. I like it, certainly, but not enough to pay for it...

Johnny · 6/23/2013
Very Nicely done, If you subscribe....

I highly recommend this app if you plan to subscribe to the content. Without a subscription, it's a no go. I don't think that is the fault of the app maker, just the business plan of the company. One should rate Netflix of Hulu apps negatively just because they require a subscription to make them useful and enjoyable

Doug · 2/17/2013
Excellent Articles, Superb Photos and Graphics

100% great content, no advertising. I don't buy magazines anymore because too much of it goes unread. But this publication has me consuming every word, photograph and graphic that they offer. I look forward to the daily historical Nugget. What a delight, and to think I almost overlooked it because of the cost.

Red · 1/20/2013
Great with the subscription update.

I enjoyed it without the subscription, it isn't needed I don't think. But I love history so I got it. I truly enjoy my History Digest. It has wonderful articles, the nuggets are very fun and the pictures are great. You don't need to have a subscription for there is great content available from each magazine, but with a subscription you get it all. I have yet to encounter any glitches or freezes, but the downloading took some time. I love this.

Paul · 1/3/2013
Suspicious reviews, intrusive App

I am concerned when an app on sign-in asks for unlimited access to your "email addresses," without specifying why and whether they are interested in you address or the others in you computer. Honestly I didn't get further than that in using this program. On looking at the reviews, many seem so over the top that they remind me of carnival shills.....I simply can't get that ecstatic about a history app, no matter how good.

Jessica · 12/28/2012
Where do I get a subscription????

I've never seen an app not eager to take my money. I would love it if I hadn't just spent 15 minutes searching for a way to buy a subscription, which ended fruitlessly. I will delete very soon as I refuse to buy each magazine individually.

LaMar · 12/24/2012
Great app? Possibly not so good

This is a nicely laid out application and appears to be really informational if you are willing to allow yet another site to gather your browsing habit's and personal info. It shows a download link only unless you join. Once the download link is clicked it states it is downloading the content, however that never happens. The layout is nice but I do not appreciate having to allow all these apps to gather my personal information and what I look at. Remember the app runs constantly once installed.

Venkata Siva Prasad · 12/23/2012

This app is one of the best apps I have come across. Great content and superb presentation. Great to read on my surface and my 27 inch all in one pc. One thing I don't see a way to buy a subscription. It will only allow me to buy current issue.



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