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Release 2.17 • Tightened up line spacing between list items so more can fit on the screen Release 2.16 • When sharing lists, you can now select 'all', 'checked', or 'unchecked' list items Release 2.15 • Minor fixes Release 2.14 • When app suspends due to phone turning off or hitting start button, it was creating a new note/list/event when it resumed, fixed so it loads the last item you were on • Multiple notes/lists/events can be emailed now by multi-selecting them in list and hitting 'email' in app bar • Pinning and sharing lists now show solid bullets for checked items and hollow for unchecked as well as numbers for numeric lists • Added the ability to duplicate a list by holding the list item down and selecting the new option to create a duplicate list from the context menu Release 2.13 • Fixed problem with saving events changing date back to today Release 2.12 • Changing list sort order will now update list so you don't have to restart the app to see the changes • Main page lists will now refresh after restoring files from OneDrive • Adding/Editing list items is now easier with save button in the app bar • Checked list items which are completed now show with a lighter font weight • Added 'copy to clipboard' to list item context menus • A note can now be added to an event for extra event information • An event reminder alarm can now be set with a different date/time than the event Release 2.11 • Selecting notes, lists or events then going back to list will keep the previous position in the list • Minor bug fixes and localization fixes Release 2.10 • Minor bug fixes including fixing a crash if list options are selected for a "tallied list" Release 2.9 • Alarms set on a note, list or event are now removed if the item is deleted • Restoring backup files was erroring out if it couldn't understand the date format in some regions • Added new list type 'Tallied List' that adds unselected items together to tally them

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Lorin · 6/20/2015

This would be 5 stars, but it has now crashed twice. I need to access notes quickly. I can't trust an app that crashes frequently.

billie · 7/15/2015

Great way to track shopping, needed extension #s, and reminders for other things.

Jan · 5/24/2015

Great app but not necessary to have voice prompts repeated

vincent · 8/16/2014

Feedback doesn't work and no alphanumeric ordering

Calvin · 7/7/2014

Works well. The ability to sync with other devices would be great.

Robert · 5/19/2014

I like it. Would like to see a counter up for things like the days that I have not smoked. Also would like to see a handwriting option like Papyrus. I believe that this would make the app better.

maridon · 9/2/2013

Very handy!

Thomas · 5/7/2015

Works as stated in the description, but new entries are a bit cumbersome to enter and categorized, not very intuitive. Once entered, the information is easy to find. A bit of stream lining would make this application 5 stars. The voice entry is too cumbersome, should be able to enter items one after the other without all the confirmations. Out is a good application but with a bit of changes it could be a great application.

D. · 4/28/2015

This app has several useful features and I like the ability to password notes. I find the grocery list to be backward. It adds up the costs of unchecked items. I think it would be more helpful for it to add up items as each is checked. That way users could create a list, check off each item as its purchased. When they finish shopping, they know how much they spent.

Greg · 5/9/2015

Great app easy to use