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Glenn · 7/18/2015
Good first start...keep it up!

I use MFP on my Lumia 640XL running Win 8.1 Update 2. I'm not having any of the issues noted in other reviews. What I do know is sometimes issues can be more related to the phone, but YMMV. The app covers the basics of what I need MFP for. Food entry, tracking calories through the day, looking up foods, and "finishing my day" once done. Some of the missing features from the Android App (which I formerly used) are the ability to LIKE friend's posts, read and write PM's, and access the Premium features that I have paid for. One thing that I really love on the WP version is the Live Tile. It stays current and helps me at a glance vs going into the app. When Fitbit does its recalculation, the MFP Live Tile updates without having to open it. Once the PM is added, Liking Posts and Premium features are added, this will be a FIVE STAR re-rating. Oh, and when Cortana can simple be told to add food. That will be bonus.

Dana · 7/28/2015

It lasted previous days info to every day. Could not find a way to correct. Wasted my time.

Diondra · 7/11/2015

Give this another shot. This app sucked but the functionality and usefulness has been restored since the last update. It is so convenient now. I had uninstalled it months ago but a friend said they got it working, and it is great now. I love being able to scan labels and add them quickly or quick add calories. The only thing I wish was that the quick add allowed you to write a description so it isn't just naked calories, but that's a minor thing. Try it again!

Alyssa · 7/20/2015

I'd give this app zero stars if i could. The website is great, but the app is a serious POS. It used to be great but for the last few months it won't load on my Windows 8 phone. It keeps telling me I'm not connected to the internet when I am. No other app does this. I need to be able to enter things quickly and easily with an app. I stuck around because it had been great and with all of the complaints I thought they would have at least tried to fix the app. Obviously, this developer is not interested in correcting the problem.

matthew · 7/28/2015

I downloaded the app last night to start tracking my caloric intake. The food entries I entered that night was not there the following day. I checked the days before and after my food entries to be sure I didn't add it on the wrong day - no prevail. Hopefully, this issue can be resolved quickly as I think this will be a great app in my life.

Jean · 7/2/2015

Update, everything is working fine now. Love the app and use it daily. I was really enjoying using your app but now, after your update, all of my saved "My Meals" are gone and I can not recreate them. Please correct this error. Thank you.

Landis · 6/28/2015

Okay, I loved the features on the app, the forum portion, the amount of different food options available on the app, and the ability to make predictions based on weight, gender, etc. But unfortunately after the first few times using it I couldn't get it to open, and the app wouldn't let me add anything to my food diary. Really disappointing considering the quality of the actual app. It deleted all of my information for that day and I haven't been able to use it since.

Jonathan · 6/24/2015

I excited when I found out that this app was on Windows Phone. My excitement waned when I saw the huge number of one star reviews due to the app not working, and the fact that it hasn't been updated in almost a year. And my excitement disappeared when the app refused to let me sign in, saying my connection was invalid. An interesting conclusion, given that precisely none of my other apps agree. Tried a few more times, just to be sure. Nope. Sorry, can't give a non-functioning app any stars. It's apparent this app has been in dire need of some TLC for awhile now. Lumia 640.

Pat · 7/20/2015

I found it no way to login... Either keep telling me no network using fb login. Or show a msg "operation can't complete" using the username and pwd login. Totally disappointed.

Ursula · 6/29/2015

It's so sad this app doesn't allow me to log on. I downloaded it a few months ago, and there was an error message, over and over anytime I tried logging in using Facebook. I even tried creating a new account using the other options, but nothing worked. I'm able to log into the regular app from my phone internet, no problem. I've been using myfitnesspal for years now without any issues. But, tonight, I downloaded this app again, and I logged on using Facebook. The error message from the phone says "this app requires internet connection or 3g or 4g access", or something to that effect. I'm home and connected no problem to my home network. I have screen shots if need be. I'm disappointed because I was hoping this app would have been fixed already.