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Benjamin · 9/1/2015
Amazing except for one major flaw

I absolutely love this app and would give it five stars except for one major issue I'm having. Lately, especially after watching a few videos, the thumbnails start going completely black and I have to tap on the blank space to see the video thumbnail and title when searching. It's EXTREMELY frustrating. Even with this huge problem though, this app is still one of my favorites and I highly recommend. I'm using a Dell Venue 8 pro. Windows 10 32bit.

Ayush · 8/26/2015

I have installed Trial Version on both PC and Windows Phone since I have no any method of payment. But this app is perfect for both watching and downloading videos. The design is what the real Metro design stands for. very few apps have executed metro perfectly, and It's the best among them. I use it everyday. If you are reading this and have a payment method, don't hesitate to pay a dollar for this masterpiece.

Wade · 8/21/2015
Some bugs/off design choices I've noticed...

GREAT app, I absolutely LOVE it! Lets me browse YouTube in style! Two things I would like to bring up which make this app just a tiny bit more difficult to use than I'd like (I'm using Windows 10 on a desktop PC, for reference): * From time to time on certain views of videos (it's happened on subscribed videos, recommended videos as well as a channel's videos), some of the thumbnails will just disappear after being rendered. They still function as normal, but they're invisible. Weird, and I don't know if or how it can be reproduced. * Far more pernicious for me who is used to browsing YouTube in Chrome: Often when I want to exit full-screen view of a video, I'll hit Esc. In this app, I'll sometimes hit it due to muscle memory, and that stops the video immediately. When we can't resume long videos, that's kind of annoying. I'd like at least a confirmation popping up over the video, or at least map the Esc key to exit full-screen. GREAT job overall, and I'm out of space! :)

Cody · 8/22/2015
Let's keep the design like it is through windows 10 😁

Can the home button be a quick action that is always present? Brilliant, beautiful app. I don't think it should receive a hamburgers menu for windows 10... If so, keeping pivot and the beautiful animations it comes with. Maybe updated action bar and app dimensions and a few other things, but I think the app should maintain a lot of it's design through windows 10. Play around with it, see what works. I think some sort of live tile would be nice

Andrew · 8/18/2015

The app crashes when playing a saved video or while downloading one. myTube crashed my phone twice, and it deleted all downloaded videos and Spotify playlists. I used to rave about this app, but I'm switching to another YouTube app until those issues are fixed.

Sergei · 8/24/2015
Needs an update

Needs an update, The UI is a bit old and has a windows 8 style instead of windows 10. Needs to be more desktop friendly also.

Kwambe · 8/15/2015
The best!

Love the intuitive and slick interface. So easy to get from watching videos to searching while they're playing. High quality application that you will not regret buying!

Shivam · 8/8/2015

Perfect app , thumbs up for your hard work But developer PLEASE ADD ABILITY TO SEE THE REPLIES ON COMMENTS OF VIDEOS,LIKING THEM ETC... THIS IS THE REASON I AM STILL STICKING TO IE YOUTUBE Update : Thanx a lot developer for listening me and ability to do anything in comments section ! I am seriously in love with this app now!

Roi'ikka-Ta · 8/13/2015
It Works!

It actually works! Great job Ryken Studio! It takes a little adjusting as any new app does (especially if you're new to the Windows Store like I am) but wow, I love it. Thank you!

okeoghene · 8/31/2015

The app is one of the best apps I've ever seen on a windows phone but the new update that came recently ruined it. Now whenever I try to watch a video it doesn't play the sound and the video starts skipping. Please fix it soon.



  • Continue watching your current video while you browse the app
  • Listen to music videos in the background while you use other apps
  • Support for up to 2160p playback and 60 FPS videos
  • Download videos and audio to watch or listen to later
  • Create and manage playlists on your channel
  • View and play playlists even when offline
  • Post comments, and reply to comments from others
  • Receive notifications when your favorite channels upload new videos
  • Upload videos to YouTube

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Version notes

New in ========= - Adds video uploading to YouTube - Video files can be shared to myTube for easy uploading - Adds ability to delete your own videos from YouTube - Adds ability to like/dislike comments - Adds ability to search within a channel's videos (press the search button while on a channel page) - Adds option to pick if the app shows video details, comments or suggested videos when a video is finished - Adds ability to select multiple videos in a list and perform actions on them - Fix for "accept" button on sign-in page being inaccessible for some users - Will correctly sort comment replies by date when the YouTube API returns them in the wrong order - Thinner channels list on search page so that more videos will fit (large tablets and PCs) - Fixes issue where annotations didn't fade away when the video was being played in the background - Fixes issue where a blank thumbnail was shown on channel upload notifications (tablets and PCs) - Fixes issue where videos with more than 2.1 billion were shown as having 0 views - Fixes issue where the saved videos list wouldn't show more than 30 videos - Adds "..." bar to make opening the app bar easier on Windows 10 (tablets and PCs)

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