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Michael and Kyla · 10/23/2013

Great idea! Love it! I do miss dynamic wallpapers though (Bing and others)...adding the ability to add an RSS feed address to get a new background from each day would make this an easy 5 stars! A configurable semi-translucent background under the calendar to ensure visibility on all picture colors wouldn't be bad either. Thanks for the app!

Jackie · 9/11/2013

Awesome!!! It takes a little time to update but it is nice to have my weekly schedule at my finger tips.

Tiffany · 8/29/2013

It does not update on my lock screen. 😂😣sad I wasted my $.

Kelvin · 8/28/2013

DOESN'T automatically update the lock screen. Kind of pointless if I have to manually update things, no? I might as well go into my actual calendar.

Tom · 8/28/2013

UPDATE... stopped showing any events, can't get it working again. Very useful. Wish I could still use the Bing background, tho, and also would like 2 or 3 day option.

Scott · 8/23/2013

Love the concept, though it's too cramped. Giving an option to display just 1 or 3 days may make it useful for me

David · 8/22/2013

I like the idea, and certainly think there are numerous improvements that can be made to the stock calendar, but I can't get my appointments to show up on it. I have two Google calendars and neither appointments actually showed up on the lock screen.

Valère · 8/22/2013

Creative app, but unless your appointment titles are always 5 or less characters, useless. Text cuts off at second line.

Korhan · 8/22/2013

this is a very creative and useful app

Neil · 2/2/2014

Great app to show you weekly calandar


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