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Reviewer 8594 · 7/19/2015
works okay

its simple and easy to use, though the add is annoying just make sure you don't leave the app while its extracting or else it will freeze, but that's just for me anyway, a nice app to use.

Reviewer 7977 · 7/10/2015
Good... Not great but good.

This helped me a lot, but I see a lot of bad comments. It really depends on what you get it for. I love mods, and this really helped me, and better then getting the one that cost money. So if your doing simple mod downloading, ex. the sims 4, get it. Another thing is it is simple, just click on the rar file, click extract all or selected, and then boom. Easy. Bye.

nasir · 5/31/2014

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udom · 11/24/2013


Ed · 3/4/2013
OK but lacking features

The pgm unzips OK but lacks features such as being able to create a new extract folder., so you need to remember to create a new folder berfore trying to unzip.

Reviewer 5221 · 7/4/2014
Doesn't Work

This program does not work at all. Cannot open any files no can I get the little bar at the bottom. When I do, the program freezes and quits out. Useless piece of garbage. Wish I could rate 0 stars.

James · 2/22/2013
umm did anyone test this

I got this to open a 7z file. it only extracted about half the contents of the compressed folder, left the other files as 0 byte files, left a lock on the extraction directory and the app itself hung when I tried to extract a single file from the 7g. from the looks of the UI I don't think this got more than 5 minutes of thought, especially considering the bing advertisement pane that does not function either...

Reviewer 2097 · 2/12/2015

After the updates the app worked just fine, UI is a little odd but did what it said it should

Rick · 2/13/2015
Garbage - doesn't work

"You need to open the appbar below to open an archive" means NOTHING. There's no "appbar below". Like other users, I wish I could rate this a zero.

R · 3/20/2015
To good to be true

Installed. It tried to extract, created folders and then the folderswere empty.



  • Open archives
  • Extracts: .ZIP, .ZIPXx .RAR, .7ZIP, .TAR, .TGZ, .JAR, .LZMA, .Z, .BZ2, .TLZ
  • Unzip targeted files
  • Unzip all files

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Version notes

Update 4: Added support for multiple simultaniously opened archives, so that you can work with different archives at the same time. Furthermore, the stability has been improved. Update 3: Performance and stability improvements. Also added a Windows Phone 8 version of this app. Update 2: Since this version password encrypted .RAR archives are supported. Update 1: In this update some perfomance improvements have been made. Bugs have also been fixed, as well as problems in the UI.

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