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nessren · 10/28/2012
Good attempt but...

This was one of the early reddit apps that were made, but it really doesn't perform great. Very buggy, and the interface is not easily navigable.

Dan · 10/20/2012
works well, but...

The advertisement at the bottom scroll could be moved to the top of the page, where it's not in the way of the app's UI. It's incredibly annoying.

Max · 10/6/2012
ugh, please don't put ads on the appbar

for one thing, it obscures the scrollbar if you're using a mouse. if you do want to have ads it's much less obnoxious to do it the way the Weather etc. apps do and put a vertical strip on the end of panoramas. or even the way Xbox Music / Video have an ad in the tile grid is less annoying than this.

Ike · 10/5/2012
Some requests

Some feature requests: * Save Images * Share link / image via email * View in web browser

Dane · 10/5/2012
Getting better..

With that said, still a long way to go before this is my preferred Reddit reader.

Michael · 9/26/2012
I wish you could read subreddits on the front page

On the main page of Narwhal, it shows you the front page of reddit (or your personal front page if you're signed in), /r/funny , and /r/aww . As far as I can tell, there's no way to look at any other subreddit front page besides funny and aww on the main page, although you can select a single subreddit from the bottom options menu. That's definitely a missing feature...

Ryan · 9/25/2012
Great Start

I really like your app, after trying the others in the store this has been my favorite. A few suggestions (I may have overlooked them if they are present): When browsing the front page it would be nice to see the subreddit that the post is from. Another would be an easier way to show the comments, currently I'm using this app with a mouse and keyboard and right clicking to bring up the menu or using the shortcut is a minor inconvenience. Great work and I look forward to updates in the future!

Brandon · 9/23/2012
Great App just needs a few tweaks

I think once you add an account all of your subscribed subreddits need to be added to the home screen automatically or at least make it very easy to pick which ones we want there instead of going to each individually to pin them. That, and auto load comments when we select a story and this is by far the best reddit app bar none.

Samuel · 9/22/2012
Very worth it

I've been aware of this app since it's closed beta but I never really got to try it. I'm glad it's finally public. Overall, it's great but can still use some more improvements like viewing personal messages. It's ten times better than Snoo and I'd recommend this if you use Reddit a lot.

Bryan · 10/25/2012
Great App, But...

I love this application! I would Pay for an Ad free version! Please Get rid of that annoying ad!



  • Easily browse all types of topics on your favorite subreddits. Supports image links, self-text, and website links.
  • Log in to reddit from one or more accounts.
  • Browse topics, read comments, and post replies.
  • Discover new subreddits through the search charm.
  • Supports Windows 8's share charm to allow you to share links to topics through email and other apps.

App details

Version notes

- Added "Explorer Bar" for quick navigation to popular and subscribed subreddits from the start page. - Fixed a bug that caused performance issues and unnecessary network usage. - Significantly improved performance on the comment view. - You can now tap "lurking" or your user name to open the account settings.

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