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Michael · 8/26/2015
Have it on iOS and its amazing but..

I really wish there was someway to transfer my purchases made on iOS to windows! I suggest maybe a unique code on one platform that could entered in the another and the purchases be transferred. I know this way would mean slightly less $$ but seriously I wont pay twice for the same tracks.

Nick and Kelly · 8/5/2015
Excellent; more convenience would make it better

The sounds are excellent. The freemium model is also fair for this -- I don't mind paying a little for the tracks I like. And it comes with several free tracks. Feature request (to get to five stars): It should be easier for me to find my favorite/purchased tracks. Having to remember which categories my favorite two or three tracks are in and navigate around all the other tracks -- many of which I haven't even purchased -- is annoying. It would be especially nice if I could pin a track to the Start Menu.

Scott · 3/18/2014
Bate and switch

Only load this if you want a small sampling of the music and the ability to purchase additional tracks.

Andrea · 5/21/2013

the app would be great if it was free, 1.99$ for 1 sound? come on..

Matthew · 1/19/2015
classic but good

sense this app has been around since the Windows 8 Consumer preview its still a great app for background audio

Kasimu · 8/20/2014
the sublime peace of sleep...

comforting, relazing, gentle massage of the brain muscle lulling one into the sublime peace of sleep as THE CREATOR WILLED...thoroughly slumber is attained in less than ten minutes...take this as high praise from someone who sleeps four to zero hours per night three days and nights time...thank you...no fighting...just beautiful listening....blessedness

Sara · 5/4/2014
5 stars here

but it's a shame my ios purchases don't carry over to this app. Naturespace is best listened to with headphones, for all those who have no idea what this app is. They've tuned the sound to sound like it is coming from all different directions, like a croaking frog off to your left while you hear rain hitting the leaves above you. You can also do well with a good surround sound system I'm told. I love Naturespace as a sleeping tool, and something to help me focus while I do work.

Wanda · 4/18/2014
Love it!

The sounds are wonderful - very much like being outdoors. However, a couple of the files have music added - very quiet, but still there - and I prefer to not have any music. I sometimes use this to enhance my autogenics/meditation, so the music is a distraction. I grew up waaay out in the country, and most of the tracks remind me of my childhood. I also use this as background when I am studying or working, and again the music is a distraction when doing this. Get rid of the music! I still love it. Very genuine (that cooing sound on the "Daybreak Sounds" is a Mourning Dove, in case you didn't know) and very relaxing. I will probably add other tracks later, but this is one of the best apps I have tried so far.

Ken · 3/19/2014
The sound quality is outstanding except ...

There are occasionally some issues in the middle of a track. This breakdown in harmonics used to be harsh enough to wake you, but subsequent updates have taken it from a screech to a disturbance. It matters not which device or earphones I use. That said, the sound quality is totally immersive (perhaps amplifying the effect of the fore mentioned anomalies ) and enveloping. I have used and purchased many ambient CD, DVD's and apps over the years, and most are obvious when you loop them - I used to dread the arrival of a certain crow on a "sounds of Cape Cod" CD - the Naturespace sound engineers make it almost impossible to discern a loop- I love it. As has been mentioned by others, the app would benefit from the addition of a "sleep" setting but, once you find a track that works, you can pretty much sleep the entire time it plays. I've used on Surface RT, Surface Pro and Samsung Series 7, windows 8.p and 8.1

Jonas · 3/15/2014

Very relaxing and immersive



  • Includes 6 pristine holographic spaces
  • Extremely long tracks are seamlessly looped for endless hours of listening
  • 41 additional spaces available for purchase, allowing you to customize your library based on what you enjoy
  • Beautiful and elegant user-interface designed exclusively for Windows 8

App details

Version notes - New category hub for free tracks. - Newly updated design for the app you love! • New home page category hub. • Improved audio engine. • 6 high quality tracks included in your download. • 41 additional tracks available for preview and purchase.

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