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Player190068217 · 7/11/2012

Adding your own address requires that you know the zip code which makes it very inconvenient to use. Without a zip, it doesn't let you add the street address so you're SOL without one. Seems to be serviceable otherwise although it doesn't have the feature I was looking for.

UrBaN AsSaULt69 · 1/31/2012

Amazing and I love it! GPS signal always works flawlessly, offline maps is the best ever and why I bought this in the first place, and very easy to use! Recommend

LordMohsin · 1/5/2012

Based on my 24 hour trial on my htc surround, with cellular data turned off on purpose. Mapping was great, a nice app overall. Everything downloaded properly and directions load in a normal amount of time. Love the ability to see the pulsing dots showing me how close I am to my next turn/step. Few things to note: voice wasn't loud even on full volume and if plugged into car speakers via aux cable with music playing, it won't stop the music or reduce it. POIs wouldn't work with any search terms. Info bar minimization would be nice but otherwise this is really a well made app.

f3rbarrera · 11/2/2011

Great option!! Offline maps works also great! But it will be easyer to manage if you can buy the map, depending of your country, instead of having an application for every country

Player869543820 · 10/18/2011

The user interface could be better, too many steps to accomplish simple tasks. The navigation works great in offline mode. Recalcs routes quickly. The main navigation screen is easy to read and efficiently laid out. Good value for the money.

David · 12/8/2012

Expensive junk. Can't find major businesses.

Rodidoxx · 3/25/2012


lelong88 · 12/21/2011

Cant follow the car, very week gps signal

Abdullah Al · 11/6/2013

One of the best ........... the best part is no need to use DATA.........

Trever · 1/28/2013

Disappointed by interface for typing in addresses. It should follow a conventional format like address, street, city, and state or allow you to type something generic and format for you. The GPS also couldn't detect my apartment address and gave me bad directions to the library. It is a decent buy if you don't want to use a data plan for GPS, but still needs work.


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