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Mark · 12/15/2014

Doesn't integrate with Maps and Cortana and it doesn't voice navigate. Try Nokia's Drive - even though it is a Nokia app it works on my HTC and it is free and one of the best.

Thomas · 6/24/2013

Sorry- not great, OK for city areas. Even slightly rural areas often wrong.

Tim · 6/7/2013

Very good app, easy to use.

Matt · 5/12/2013

While I haven't extensively tested the pedestrian feature, I have repeatedly used the app on long trips and it always gets me to my destination. Love the app.

Kashka · 5/6/2013

So far it's the only Navigation that I can get to work on my HTC 8X, however it does not call out street names. Trial version should be limited by use not by mileage so that I can get a true feel for it, 12 miles in GA gets you nowhere. Still looking for the ideal GPS for HTC 8X

Stephen · 12/20/2012

Pretty buggy on 8x. Can't change distance of meters. Can't run in background without loosing destination. Reinstalled a few times to correct bugs.

joel · 12/11/2012

The only real problem is that it gives you very short warnings to turn. Its also the only one I have found that has the options to avoid toll roads.

Kaydee · 12/2/2012

Though I really miss google navigation when I had android phone, this is as close as it gets for windows phone. It works very nicely, but I wish they could say street names and highways. Also the only negative about this app is sometimes, this routes takes you through streets then to few freeways which it kinda does take you awhile (unless you don't mind to be a "tourist" locally :)). But nevertheless, for the windows phone, this is by far the best one!

Allen · 11/3/2012

Most things are good except for the offline features. Painting the map is a horrible pain because the map refreshes at less than 1 FPS and zoom takes forever. Most of my fingerstrokes aren't recognized by the program so I end up jabbing the screen rapidly until it finally paints. On top of that, once I had California painted, it came up to 4GB and the app wouldn't download because it said I didn't have enough space. My phone has 40GB! Compare to nokia drive, where all of California is 110MB, and you can download it with one finger press. Are they including hybrid maps in offline mode? That seems excessive. There should be an option to disable that. Either that or it should just LET ME DOWNLOAD. Downloads are painfully slow, too. Even over cable internet.

BioAbbasi · 10/22/2012

I seldom buy apps but this one is really very useful and top notch so I went ahead and paid for it. No issues with it yet. I'm wondering what new features they would incorporate if it gets an update tomorrow..


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