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Hans Martijn · 7/20/2015
"Application not bought on correct manner"

It used to work ok, but lately I get the above warning. My friend gets the same warning. Reinstalling doesn't help, since redownloading doesn't work (same error). Tried to reset my phone, didn't help either. It's a costly piece of junk in my applist now.

Ulrik · 9/8/2014

Bad Bluetooth integration. UI not intuitive like TomTom. Dont ude the Hub-like interface - bad for driving. Implement "running in background navigation". All above works bad on WP8/8.1

Bjorn · 7/19/2014

I was very happy with this navigation until my trip abroad last weekend. During startup it says an error occured because "the version" was not bought in a correct manner and I should visist the Marketplace to install the app correctly. Just to be clear I did purchase the app correctly via the store on my phone and using paypal of my phone's wallet. I restarted my phone several times but nothing changed. If I can't trust the app abroad it is worthless to me (roaming costs). I tried to address this issue to Navigon but they only allow me to contact them (from Belgium) by phone at 0,45€ per minute. Disappointed!

Player123311501 · 6/18/2012

Great navigation app! Best in its own class. Waiting for a new version. Thanks!

Hans · 9/26/2014

After I had to reset my phone in order to install the latest firmware the app can no longer be started, claims that my LIVE ID has changed. Microsoft has no idea what is going on, I only know that Navigon (in spite of ot being the best navigation program on windows phone) cannot be trusted to work. Too often I had problems abroad and had to switch to more reliable (but navigationally inferior) programs). After latest update (8.1 compatible) works fine again. After update to WP8.1 no longer usable; sound stops after 1-30 minutes. Here and Copilot work fine (but navigation is nit as good as Navigon). This bug happens when installed on phone and SD card.

Slaven · 1/9/2015

Is it possible that after buying aplication I have to buy fresh maps XL to keep my maps up to date ? If that is the case,this navigation is rip off

cees · 5/21/2014

But could you please tel us what is changed in the latest version ?

bogascorp · 10/13/2013

Give it a 4 since portuguese maps are a bit outdated. And yes! Now I can only have Portuguese maps! Thanks Navigon ;)

Scoopitch · 5/16/2013

Great app...

Benjamin · 8/10/2014