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Nicholas · 7/21/2015

Almost perfect. It just really needs the ability to give directions over the higher priority Bluetooth headset profile like HERE Drive and CoPilot does. Sometimes I prefer to listen to my car's radio and I can't get directions anymore since Navigon only uses the music profile. This would make it five stars in my books. Add background navigation and it would be icing on the cake!

J · 6/27/2014

Update: Not working on 8.1 app just closes . First the support for this product is abysmal. The people are not trained for their app on windows phone. They try to tell me support based on android . this bad considering the apps are different for each platform. Next they do not even have a single windows phone device are for trouble shooting. Really.? Get on board with your offerings. Next the contacts search does not work. I can not search my contacts. I would not have been so mad about this app if the offered a trial and I found this out. I will be asking for my money back. Update . details for app says it supports deep linking and from Bing search. This does not work for my wp8 device. This deserves zero stars. Can't seem to find a directions list still waiting for support to get back to me. Update nice how you have update your description of your app to no longer say deep linking! I bought this because you stated it was there maybe if you had a trial it would have helped!!!!!!!!!!

Michael · 5/3/2015

Top of the line navigation app for WP. Has the most prompt and accurate traffic updates and good traffic rerouting, the most accurate voice navigation, and the best level of detail and accuracy of maps - even vs the new great Sygic. But for $$, it still re routes to primary roads that are worse than the highway, driving UI seriously needs to be updated (3D blobby and undetailed, panoramic too detailed and way too narrow route ribbon, text on the speed limit, speed, time, etc are WAY TOO SMALL); the POI and address searches really need retooled into one common search and man does this app use battery and heat my ICON up!! Nonetheless, with Google Waze heading to oblivion and with all other apps not having as good routing/traffic, this app does shine - even for the $! PLEASE continue to upgrade this app, Android and iOS just got a nice update in early April, lets hope we're next! Please don't forget us!!!

Cal · 2/14/2015

Here app started crashing with the latest update for me. I purchased Navigon back on WP 7.5 so I thought id try it again. I'm really liking the experience now compared to Here (when it was not crashing). I don't have alot of time yet with it but I think it will definitely be my primary go to app for Nav! More options and clearer instructions. Thank you Navigon app team for continuing to make a great Windows Phone app!

Woody · 12/10/2014

Comparing Navigon to Nokia Drive, Navigon's interface is archaic and needs a major overhaul, especially the search. The maps in Navigon apparently use Here maps, but the graphical maps in Navigon are soft, not optimized for HD like Nokia Drive. However, Navigon's major advantage over Nokia is the multiple route choices, arguably better routing, and most important for me, accurate and clear lane guidance, essential in the increasingly expensive toll roads and bridges of New York and Jersey cities. In a perfect world, I wish for Nokia Drive's interface and map renderings, with Navigon's routing logic and choices and its excellent lane guidance.

Will · 11/18/2014

Doesn't run under lock screen. Confuses north and south & east and west directions

J.T. · 5/29/2014

UPDATE: Google search switched to Bing search and worked for a while (tho not as cleanly), but now it goes to Cortana with no way to bring the results back into Navigon. -- Google search does not work anymore. Received message that this service is no longer supported. This was my favorite and go to app for navigation, but google search was the heart of the usefulness of the app. Please fix! Will be using Here navigation and waze until then

Huy · 5/20/2014

Work fine, need a way to retrieve destination points after reinstalling, fix bug that the app stops talking while driving, allow address search without going through state/city..., allow search for POI without clicking on All Categories

Clint · 10/25/2013

Great navigation app, but is pricey especially since Nokia Here+ is free.

Eric · 10/6/2013

Great but hard on battery.