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Nicholas · 8/28/2015
STOP auto-refreshing!

I open the app and go to read a story - but then the layout changes and all the stories disappear, replaced with new stories. Why auto-refresh? I wasn't done with the old stories.

Lam · 8/20/2015
Great app but no preload video

This app works well with latest news but the video isn't preloaded so it's not always in HD mode when the internet speed gets unstable

Manuel · 8/14/2015
Make auto-refresh selectable!!

I agree with Nicholas 100%. The App is great but please make the auto-refresh that we can turn it off. I start reading an interesting article when all of a sudden the auto-refresh happens and everything changes in front of my eyes taking away my half-read article. It is disappointing and frustrating. As a non-technical work around I start your App and look away until the refresh happens. :)

Richard · 8/25/2015
App is ok

Would be nice to have the ability to get local News, Weather ETC. as there are very few local tv stations with windows apps!

Zoltar · 8/23/2015
Crashes very often

Although the app is a great choice for news lovers, but it crashes very often under Windows 10, for instance after video material ends playing.

Jen · 7/16/2015

Used to be able to view the full news show (this app was the only way to watch full episodes on a phone after NBC removed the Podcast feeds), then that option disappeared after an update! Yes, I can still watch all the individual segments, but it still sucks that it was taken away.

J · 8/20/2015
Fails to Play

Video often fails to play, really most of the time. NBC still uses Brian Williams image for the Nightly News Icon. Sometimes this app refuses to update stories, other times it disrupts reading the news by removing recent stories as it updates.

James · 8/29/2015
replay of nightly news

Just downloaded app, wanted to view last night news tried three different times and 3 times no news. Waste of time if app doesn't work when needed!!!!!

Sea · 5/18/2015

I really like the audio option so I can listen to the news stories while I'm doing other things. Wish the other news apps would do this so I could get listen to a variety of news sources.

JOEL L. · 9/1/2015

Would like to see support for now.msnbc.com live stream. Take a look at the CBS News App for an excellent example of how to do a news app.



  • Includes nbcnews.com, TODAY, NBC Nightly News, and all of NBC News shows and sources
  • Features Offline Access, Sharing, Snap Views, Live Tiles, Deep Pinning, Semantic Zoom, Push Notifications
  • Optimized for touch, works great with any Windows 8 capable device

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Version 1.3.1402.6000: - added support for closed captioning

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