• Measure your network latency, download and upload speeds.
  • Understand what activities, such as streaming music, you might be able to do.
  • See information about your network, such as the SSID and BSSID when you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • See your past network performance history.

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Adrian · 7/24/2015
Good app !

Does some basic ping, download and upload tests to determine connection performance. Would be even better if it would allow you to choose from a list of server locations.

Reviewer 2931 · 7/25/2015
Great app!

brief and to the point app. Does what it says it will do, easy to use, and shows results visually and in a table. Shows current results in a table where you can see how they stack up against previous ones.

David · 7/22/2015
Good app

Does what is says it does with an easy to read view and record of past tests..

Adrian · 7/18/2015

Quick and easy speed test that measures upload and download speeds as well as network latency. I wish it compared your speeds to others in your area or had a list of fastest recorded speeds just for fun.

Harold · 7/23/2015
Great tool

Great quick network speed test tool! Comes in handy to get a quick snapshot of how fast (or slow) a given network connection is.

Reviewer 6463 · 7/16/2015
Simple and Elegant

Sure, it could have some more bells and whistles, but you know what? It gets the job done with a nice clean interface, giving you a live graphic of speed as it tests and a nice history of past tests.

Brian · 7/24/2015
Fantastic app! Does exactly what it's supposed to.

Feature ideas: For mobile devices like phones, tablets, and laptops, it would be helpful not just to store whether I was on Wi-Fi or Ethernet, but what network I was connected to, IP address, location, and other information. Also, let me then export this information so I can track the history. One useful scenario is for dealing with ISPs to show them how bad the connectivity has been over a period of time.

Wally · 7/19/2015

Network Speed Test always works and gives consistent results.

Reviewer 6260 · 7/23/2015
Excellent Bandwidth Tool

It does exactly what it says it does. It allows one to verify that their actual bandwidth is what they're paying for. It's been extremely useful for ADSL and VDSL2 connections.

Henry · 7/19/2015
Its a great utility to test your internet speeds

Its simple and shows what I need to know but what are 'Other tests'? I think it should tell us what its doing.

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