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Jim · 8/26/2015
Network Speed Test

I like the graphics, but can't help but wonder why the first time I test I get a lower speed than every time there after. I have got the same result on three different computers. All are running Windows 8. The problem has gone away as of 8/30/2013 Its a really nice program to see if you are receiving your monies worth from you provider.

Dylan · 8/26/2015
Very Clean Interface!

I really like this app, it is the best network speed test I have found. The interface is just so simple, which I love. It also it is very organised. I'd rate this app five stars if there was an option to change from mega bits to mega bytes.

Rudi · 8/26/2015
Awesome tool

Very easy to use, installs quickly, a must have APP :)

Reviewer 8547 · 8/23/2015
The best app of it's kind

This app is completely amazing. I use it daily to check my network ping and download speed. I enjoy this app so much. I thank the developer!!!

Rich · 8/24/2015

It measures upload and download, keeps a record of previous measurements. Clean and easy.

Sean · 8/21/2015
Does as it was designed to do

I trust this test a bit more than the Ookla results since I don't believe companies have learned to optimize for this particular test. Perhaps networks are able to sense and optimize for tests in general, but until I know that for sure, I feel this is more trustworthy. I like this because it clearly states what you can expect with the speeds you are getting. It excels in every are except maybe presentation. If the basic design is what makes it so efficient, so be it. If not, that is the area this app can work on.

Butros · 8/21/2015
Clean, effective

While it isn't clear what the method of testing entails, the interface is clean and the app serves its purpose. I especially like the activity recommendations alongside the speed measurement (high-quality video, low-quality video, video call, etc.). I would like to see the time at which speed tests were performed in the history section. Otherwise: neat little app.

Sudharshan · 8/20/2015
Time Stamp missing :(

Please add the time stamp feature so we can have the data to share with our providers and also track what time is the best download and upload speed.

Jacob · 8/20/2015
Simple, clean, and gets info when I need it.

This application is a good alternative to other network testing apps within the Windows 10 Store. Some different ones I tried displayed ads...and others would take forever test my connection speed(download and upload speed). Thankfully, this is the right app for me as it collects my network test results within minutes.

Walter · 8/24/2015
It works not much more to say

The app is small light weight and does what it says it should do. What more can you ask for in a network speed test app?



  • Measure your network latency, download and upload speeds.
  • Understand what activities, such as streaming music, you might be able to do.
  • See information about your network, such as the SSID and BSSID when you are connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • See your past network performance history.

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