• Pin any news site as an updating live tile to your start screen!
  • Notifcations for new news items!
  • Universal app (also a Windows Phone version): your collection is synced between both, and the in-app purchase is valid for both

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- Added option to get notifications for new news items - Improved UI - Fixed bugs

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Reviewer 8827 · 5/16/2015

Installed app and paid 1.29 to select my own source. created the tile ok but cant create any new tiles. launching the app only brings the one website. I have no idea how to create additional tiles. Buyer beware!

Andrew · 5/14/2015

Love it per se, but it causes the start screen to crash and go to 'loading' when ever you scroll down to the pinned tiles. Does it on 1520, 930...

Alex · 12/29/2014

Almost perfect, the text does not perfectly fit the tile.

Hari · 12/3/2014

Text is getting cut off; it's especially visible in the large live tile, less so in the medium one.

Vallurupalli · 11/16/2014

Good app,but if it shows the logo of the site then it is an awesome app.so please make available to place logo on the live tile while pinning tiles.

Amith · 11/16/2014

superbbb have to fix some bugs,little bit slow while pinning the tile..

Barry · 8/4/2014
Great App - News some work

I love that this app allows you to pin live tiles featuring news articles from almost any RSS source. I would give it five stars, except that when you actually click on a tile to read a news article, it brings the news article up in News Live Tiles' proprietary news reader. That wouldn't be so bad, except that there are absolutely no navigation tools. For example, I have it set up to read Nashville Business Journal, and when I click on an article it takes me to that article, but when I click on a link in the article to view it, and that page comes up, there are no directional arrows or any other "charm" items to allow you to close it, navigate it, etc. I would prefer if it allowed you to choose which browser to launch the article in. Why reinvent that wheel? Great effort and thank you, but keep tweaking! If you correct this I will upgrade my rating.

Tom · 6/17/2014

Broken. Paid $0.99 and the tiles never update. Not an article summary, not a picture.

Usman · 4/12/2015
getting there

your app has great use, but you must add options for me to add a custom site, the app is not allowing me to pin a site without its feed url

Aammiirr · 3/19/2015

Fedora reader is far better than this.. Fed reader is simple and very fast..

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