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Daniel · 8/25/2015
New Updated Review!

This app will work if you have a tablet, but if you are planning on using this on a computer with Windows 8.1, forget it. You will get the black screen and nothing will show. Don't waste the money! UPDATE: I have upgraded to Windows 10. This app works again as it did prior in Windows 8.1!!! Love having all these mags at my fingertips on my tablet (android), smart phone (android), and laptop - Windows 10. Get it and enjoy!!!

Rafael · 8/16/2015
Solved screen going black when in portrait, W-10

When updated my Surface 3 to W-10, I was very disappointed after seeing that this app didn't work in portrait mode. Even considered cancelling the subscription. Then I noticed that if I tilted the Surface from landscape to portrait and then putting it HORIZONTAL and back to VERTICAL Voilà!! instead of a black screen, I can now enjoy the magazine the way it was intended to be seen. So, no cancellation. Try it, I hope it works for you.

Paul · 8/12/2015
Just canceled and restarted

I have used and loved this app for over a year on Win 8.1. Just upgraded to Windows 10 and the app is useless. I have not been able to get anything to load in a reasonable time. It's really a shame. Update - it appears to be fixed and I have asked to have my subscription restarted

Richard · 7/31/2015
Great with Windows 8.1 and 10

Latest update: Just have wait for the download to finish-significantly longer than 8.1. Works well. Update with Win10: does not work - tried uninstalling and re-installing. Keep getting "Next Issue Notification" and no readable magazine. The Surface Pro 3 was made for magazine reading with its almost page size screen. In the portrait position, a page fills the screen and most magazines don't need magnification. The National Geographic is spectacular - I had been missing it since I let my subscription lapse. The Next Issue version is better than the print, only missing the smell of fresh ink on high quality paper. Earlier software was a bit touchy but lately has been very transparent to use. A great value, especially with 4 readers in our family, and a boon to the environment.

Praveen · 8/6/2015
Poor design, slow performance, portrait doesn't work

After upgrade to Windows 10, the app has become virtually useless. (This experience is on Windows Surface Pro 3 and applies to both - tablet mode and desktop mode) 1. None of the magazines work in portrait mode - screen becomes blank 2. App load time is excruciatingly slow even when you return to its home page after reading a magazine 3. The icon to increase or decrease the font size is now permanent on the lower right side - that covers part of the magazine.

Amit · 8/7/2015
No longer works after win 10 upgrade

I used this app a lot on win 8.1 but it stopped working after the win 10 upgrade. I consider cancelling my nextissue subscription.

Reviewer 7955 · 7/5/2015
Nice, but needs upgrades badly...

It is nice to have access to back issues, but the app itself needs serious upgrades. This is the only electronic reading app I use that will not allow you to save articles, or at least bookmark them. This is a deal breaker for me and I will probably unsubscribe if there is not an update soon. You also cannot jump to articles from the index as you can Kindle, etc. Neither is there a "go to" feature to enter page numbers after you find them in the index. The carousel is a nice touch, but even on my Surface Pro 3, it is nearly unreadable. In short, the idea of multiple magazine (all you can read) subscriptions for one price is a fantastic one! The app though, is somewhat archaic.

Gary · 6/27/2015
Does not work with Windows 8.1

This app simply does not work at all with Windows 8.1. When I open the app, all I get is a background screen picture of magazine covers. Otherwise, not functional in any way! Can't even get a menu or do anything but open and close the app. I paid good money for this app that does not work!

Karen · 8/15/2015
Doesn't work with Windows 10

Looks like it is working but then when the magazine finally opens it is a black screen. Very frustrating!!! Used to use this app on my 8.1 Surface Pro 3 all the time and loved it. Really sad!

Reviewer 8295 · 7/25/2015
Great when it works on PC

I love reading on my tablet or phone as everything loads so quickly but that is not the case when trying to view on a PC. Slow loading to get it started which is a bummer.



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