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  • - Enhanced digital editions, optimized for tablets. Many magazines include enhancements such as videos, bonus photography and interactive features.
  • - Smart download features. Tap any magazine and it will start downloading immediately. When enough of the magazine has been downloaded, it will automatically open and you can start reading.

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- Bug fix for errors updating the library

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Gary · 6/27/2015
Does not work with Windows 8.1

This app simply does not work at all with Windows 8.1. When I open the app, all I get is a background screen picture of magazine covers. Otherwise, not functional in any way! Can't even get a menu or do anything but open and close the app. I paid good money for this app that does not work!

Reviewer 7955 · 7/5/2015
Nice, but needs upgrades badly...

It is nice to have access to back issues, but the app itself needs serious upgrades. This is the only electronic reading app I use that will not allow you to save articles, or at least bookmark them. This is a deal breaker for me and I will probably unsubscribe if there is not an update soon. You also cannot jump to articles from the index as you can Kindle, etc. Neither is there a "go to" feature to enter page numbers after you find them in the index. The carousel is a nice touch, but even on my Surface Pro 3, it is nearly unreadable. In short, the idea of multiple magazine (all you can read) subscriptions for one price is a fantastic one! The app though, is somewhat archaic.

Reviewer 8295 · 7/25/2015
Great when it works on PC

I love reading on my tablet or phone as everything loads so quickly but that is not the case when trying to view on a PC. Slow loading to get it started which is a bummer.

Reviewer 9968 · 5/13/2015
Slow is the password for the day

What a great idea to have all these magazines I like available in one site and onw subscription. I would hate to see this end because the GUI is so slow and cumbersome. I would like to copy articles or photos to share with friends and have my own library to down load things I'fd like to refer to. Best of Luck

Reviewer 5275 · 6/22/2015
Great idea App is useless on my Windows 8 laptop

Installed it - read ab9ut 3 issues of MacCleans, tried adding more magazines the app stopped responding. I unistalled it reinstalled it etc etc and it only goes as far as the splash screen. I mean in todays world you would think they could at least offer a error message instead of just letting the app hang forever.

Charles · 4/4/2015
Slow and buggy, but I use it anyway.

Nice to be able to read magazines on my laptop, but app is super-slow, buggy, and will only downloads magazines if you actively open the app and keep computer awake... one more chore the night before leaving on a trip. I wish they would fix it because I love being able to read all my magazines on flights without having to carry them.

david · 3/29/2015
This app sucks

Unfortunately, I chose to purchase a Surface. However, I didn't know that meant a lifetime of worthless apps. This particular app worked in the beginning but now I have to uninstall and reinstall before viewing new magazines. Thanks Steve Ballmer, I now cheer against the Clippers.

Reviewer 7373 · 5/25/2015

But you need a reasonably powered device and fast internet or you're going to get frustrated and write one of these erroneous reviews saying it's a terrible app. And it works fine to read a mag without an internet connection. Just be sure you have a complete download. I use it on my old 10.1" tab and it's not particularly fast to load but it does load reasonably well with fast internet. My 2013 version of Nexus 7 is much faster. And the mags you load make a great difference. Architectural Digest takes much longer than The New Yorker... and with good reason. The art in AD is superb. For travelers this is an answered prayer.

Reviewer 5277 · 7/14/2015
Their Win 8.1 app needs much improvement

RE: Win 8.1 App I've yet to have an easy time using this app on Windows 8.1. The first problem is how slow it starts. I usually have to wait minutes before ANYTHING HAPPENS. I stare at the motionless screen of magazine covers, wondering how much longer I need to wait or if the app is even working, crashed or frozen. There is nothing to click on for status. The only options you have at this point is to close the program or wait some more. Having several PCs, I can confirm that happens on all of my win 8.1 systems. I currently testing the app as I type this; 8 minutes into starting the app and still nothing available to read or select -- just the same dead screen of magazine covers. Yet, the app for my android tablet works fine without any trouble or delay. Next issue is better suited for android handhelds/tablets. I highly recommend using those apps instead if you can. Note to Windows users: beware the poor quality of this app.

Cathy · 3/30/2015

On the rare occasion that this app opens, it's great and convenient to use on the go. BUT it opens about 1/10 of the time, and overall, it's not worth the wait!

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