• Safe and secure authentication.
  • Choose dark or light theme with multiple color accents to personalize the design.
  • A standard 3-pane layout and a beautiful modern view for 2-in-1's.
  • Pin multiple live tiles to start screen.
  • Full keyboard support in 3-pane view (press "?" key).
  • Change default open method per feed: summary, full article or webpage.

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Version Notes

If you have any questions, comments, feature requests, or experience a crash or bug, please contact us at: http://nextmatters.com/ What's new in v2.5.0.130 • Support Facebook and LinkedIn API changes. • Separate text field for posting to Facebook as per new guidelines. • General improvements and bug fixes.

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Dominic · 7/26/2015
Great reader app

Fast and easy to sync between devices. I love that I can sync images while I'm offline. I'd love one additional feature to be able to choose to sync the entire article for offline reading (I catch up with news on airplanes)

Minhquan · 7/25/2015
Well-Designed, but Slightly Buggy

Since I'm used to FeedDemon's tri-column RSS reader, Nextgen was a natural fit for me. The UI is very intuitively and sensibly designed; all the necessary controls are out in the open without cluttering the reading experience, and consequently the amount of scrolling, tapping, and holding are minimized. The only problem is a bug that causes the app to crash and reset whenever you mark a Folder/Feed as read, if it happens to have between 10 and 40 items. If that bug can be fixed, this would be quite an excellent app.

Nazmi · 7/19/2015

What's the point of having a reader when I have to keep clicking on a link to read the whole article?

Vicious · 7/21/2015

Think I'm done with this app, it has a great layout (why I've stuck with it) but theres others with vastly higher performance in sync and rendering, and no cache delays. Also marking every item as read just to prevent them sticking around on re-sync just isn't practical, a timer would suffice, it was requested some time ago, no sign of that though.

Jennifer · 7/13/2015

Great app, am enjoying the ease of use. A wish for future versions: Options to reverse the black background / white font style, or to have other color combos.

Rob · 6/25/2015

I cannot for the life of me work out how to use the quick share option. Sharing ought to be easy, preferably a single touch, select addresses, send, done. But how?

Javier · 7/1/2015

Love it madly. Best news reader by far, even better than feedly's own apps in other platforms.

Clayton · 6/3/2015

Best news reader. Needs a few more touches like large pictures in grid view (tablet version), bold article headlines in soft grey, quick toggle for sort by, global option to show full article for all sources.

Ashhar · 6/9/2015

This is the BEST NEWS READER EVER. I've used pretty much everything from Fuse and Weave to Converge but never found one as good as this. Pretty feature packed, fast, highly customizable, universal app. I love how it integrates with almost every service out there like Pocket, Instapaper, Readability and all the social networks. I can set which feeds should be available offline and a lot of other amazing stuff. Hands down the best reader.

Dallin · 7/7/2015

This is an amazing Feedly client! One of the best apps I own. Thank you for making such an excellent app!

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