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User · 2/1/2013

This app would be much better if you could sync other Nike+ devices with it, such as the fuelband.

Jimmy · 12/19/2012

Can't seem to find any of my friends who have the Kinect game. Does not accurately report scores consistently and generally useless unless you already have a network of friends with the fuelband. Reminders stopped working after update

abdul · 9/22/2014

This app is not working in my windows phone 8.1. The design is good but the performance is poor. This app is not as good as adidas micoach or sport tracker. I can't do anything with this app. But it will be work and iphone. Please fix it or update it. Thx

User · 7/18/2013

It wouldn't let me select a program! Three different screens take you to a screen to decide between get fit, get tones, and get strong except NONE of them actually let me select a program. Waste of time.

Will · 4/20/2013

I think the app is good but either the game or the website's data thinks all my program workouts are quick start workouts so the app doesn't think I'm doing any of my scheduled sessions

Jonathan · 4/14/2013

This is a great app. It reminds me when I need to make my next workout and everything. Works fine on my Lumia 920. Now when is Nike going to come out with the app where I can sync my Fuelband on my Windows Phone like you can do on an iPhone?

Alex · 3/13/2013

Clicking the "Get started" on the first screen seems to open up a webpage in the app that has a certificate error. Trying to click the link to continue to the site fails because the webpage is open in the app instead of a web browser.

Tommy · 3/5/2013

Keyboard should work now if you uninstall, power cycle, and power back on. Nike+ support was somewhat helpful. Great companion app. I wish I had more xbl friends :)

Karla · 2/24/2013

Logging in using a Nike+ account doesn't work. Tapping on a text field will briefly show a keyboard which will then disappear. You can't even use copy/paste functionality to get around it. Until they fix this the app is useless. (you could still log in using Facebook though)

Eric · 2/10/2013

Syncs with Xbox to provide info on go. Found out hard way that it doesn't sync across internet or cell data like I expected.