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Angelo · 4/20/2013

Simple, informative app that teaches you about recycling phones. I actually learned something new today, that 100% of the materials in Nokia phone can be reused. That being said, the app is very short. After you finish the little recycling "game" and read all the information, there isn't really anything else to do. They should add more recycling games or include a tool that will locate places where you can drop off your phone to be recycled. The people who rated it one star for no reason are probably the same people who don't recycle their phones.

Georgi · 3/9/2013

Cute, educational and slightly inspirational.

Cesar Antonio · 2/17/2013

Please add variety.

David Robert · 7/24/2013

Really interesting information that I have always wondered about. I would like to know if they erase the information stored on the phones before recycling them. Yes the process will erase the data but for data security is that done before leaving a Nokia facility? Good app.

Dan · 5/24/2013

Interesting info but I am unsure why this needs an app as it doesn't do much

Camden · 7/30/2013

Very informative and interesting!

Anvar · 2/28/2013

A one time game, but contains interesting info.

Armand · 2/27/2013

Glad to see Nokia trying to teach those that don't know about recycling and sustainability. Needs to have a map showing where you can bring your old electronics to get recycled at...

User · 11/18/2013

So so so good!!!

Ravi · 8/21/2013

Heyyy nokia give ur music and maps to win store we want ur apps


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