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Greg · 8/27/2015
unusable on a tablet with 1280x800 resolution

so my original Nook finally gave up the ghost and I needed a replacement. After verifying that this application worked well on my desktop I went ahead and picked up a new HP stream 7 and Win10, unfortunately the resolution of the app is not adjustable to work with a resolution of 1280x800. In all text setting cases I LOSE at least a line of text PER PAGE, as in not just have to scroll to see them - I CANNOT see them. Its a bummer since it means my entire Nook collection is no longer accessible except via desktop. Since I don't have this issue with other Apps - the problem really does lie with Barnes and Noble. If this gets corrected I'll revise this review - until then I can't rate it better than a single star. the ReaderPro epub reader seems to work fine with my DRM free books so that will be my goto choice - buy the books directly from the publisher and use a reader that works.... for example BAEN.com has a great selection of science fiction and fantasy.

Timothy · 8/26/2015
works in Windows 10

This application works pretty well and provides a useful functionality for Windows that I use extensively on an iPad and a little on my android phone. I am a little unhappy with it because on Windows 8, it stopped working one day. When I tried to download a book, - that I was able to read on other devices - it would give an error that the book could not be downloaded. No other explanation and I did not figure out how to fix the problem. I tried - as suggested - archiving and de-archiving the book but this did not help. I tried uninstalling the application but it then did not re-install. But I recently upgraded to Windows 10 and it has installed there and seems to work again. It has the added bonus that in Windows 10, the reader does not only load in full screen mode. It is a regular application that can share the screen with other applications. -Timothy

Atta · 8/25/2015
Update for windows 10

I have been buying my ebooks from Barnes and noble for years. I mostly read on the train to work. I Have just upgraded my tablet to windows 10. The app sizes, doesn't have offline/internal dictionary. The dictionary font is tiny. The app is buggy in windows 10 Please fix!!!

Reviewer 3768 · 8/22/2015
sci fi genre

great selection of books old and new recently finished the foundation series that I read 40 years ago and found it as iteresting as the first time. The reviews given for books aren't always acurate but do to individual taste they would differ however the preview of the books are a great help into determining my own opinion.

Donald C · 8/23/2015
Don's My nook

I have used this for all my reading of books on the NOOK account. It is lighter to read from then a hard covered book. That makes it more enjoyable for me to carry around and read from.

Reviewer 1876 · 8/24/2015
Great reading applicatiom

Only windows 8 application I could find that has built in dictionary function and ability to import epub files.

Reviewer 3560 · 8/22/2015
Simple and Satisfying

This app is organized well and has all the tools that are useful for both casual reading and study. Highlighting can be a little difficult on a tablet at times, but not enough to be truly aggravating. The notes function is lovely and I particularly appreciate how easy it is to remove a bookmark (I'm going back and forth between pages all the time and I don't need extra ones distracting me). For more casual reading, I love how it keeps track of where I am in all my books. Browsing for new books is a delight as well. I definitely prefer this over Kindle for its format and ease of use. Go B&N!

Calvary · 8/21/2015
My choice

Cleanest ereader on the market with the best ui, imo. I only wish there were page turn animations, but the dictionary, bookmarks, and easily accessible reader settings make up for it. I use the import feature to read all my books in this app. Much better than kindle, bookviser, book bazaar, and kobo

Reviewer 4163 · 8/22/2015
wish it was easier

I have found that the app isn't all that easy to use. I have many books in my library and find it to be very annoying there is no way I can mark them as read or place them somewhere like I did on my actual nook. It is not all that easy to navigate or switch out of a book once you are on it.

Diane · 8/26/2015
Almost perfect

Nook is great. Love reading and the convenience of taking many books with me in a very small space. I wish the highlighter and notes worked better.



  • Shop for books, magazines, newspapers and comics with the touch of a finger.
  • Sample NOOK Books FREE. Explore the best of fiction, sci-fi, mystery, romance and more.
  • Read the most popular and bestselling magazines including Time, People, Sports Illustrated, and Real Simple.
  • Free 14-day trial subscriptions of newspapers and magazines.
  • Sign in using your Microsoft account – no need to create a new account to access the books and magazines in your library.
  • Import ePub and PDF files from your PC or SkyDrive to access your favorite content in one place
  • Add notes to books and highlight words using multiple colors
  • Find words or phrases in books
  • Type anywhere in the app to search your Library or search within the NOOK Shop to find new books, magazines, newspapers and comics.
  • ArticleView® for magazines helps you focus on an article and quickly move between articles.
  • Adjustable fonts, spacing and themes let you customize your reading experience so your book looks the way you like.
  • BESTSELLING BOOKS: Doctor Sleep, Sycamore Row, The Longest Ride, Never Go Back, Takedown Twenty, David and Goliath, King and Maxwell, Command Authority, Reached, and Divergent Series #3 – Allegiant
  • BESTSELLING AUTHORS INCLUDE: James Patterson, John Grisham, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, Bill O’Reilly Janet Evanovich, Nicholas Sparks, Nora Roberts
  • BESTSELLING MAGAZINES: PEOPLE, TIME, Sports Illustrated, Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, Glamour, WIRED, GQ, Us Weekly, OK! Magazine, Star, Maxim, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and Shape

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NOOK for Windows 8 v1.9 brings an incredible reading experience for books, magazines, newspapers, and comics to Windows 8.1 customers in many new countries and languages. NEW: Read books and magazines in Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and Russian (where available). Set browsing preferences to filter results by language. Browse entire collection and Import files without signing in. Enjoy lower rates on many titles when you start an annual subscription or upgrade your monthly subscription (where applicable). Better Library organization—book series are grouped together. Import ePub and PDF files you find anywhere on Windows 8 and see the name of the file and cover image in your Library. Layout and performance enhancements.

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