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rednaxelA · 8/18/2013
Another Useful App from Norton/Symantic

Here's another useful app from Norton Symantic. Every app & program researched & designed by the R&D team from Norton/Symantic is a thoroughly proven product before it's release to the general public. I am just weeks old & new to Windows 8 so, I don't have any idea at this time just how this app is going to preform. I do trust all of the Norton/Symantic products 100%. I've used their products from the very start of the internet. There is no substitution!!!

Nikitah · 7/30/2013

Works great on Facebook and Twitter but it tries to load everything in the Skydrive and given that that could be a lot of gigs, there needs to be some serious customization there.

Scott · 4/11/2013
Doesn't work.

It used to work, but it doesn't anymore. It just gives an error message with any scanner.

Jenny · 2/9/2013
For the intended purpose, It's good.

I have a Norton Subscription on my laptop that I wish extended to my Surface. However, I do like the ability to scan my newsfeed. I wish it could scan apps and my surface in general

Lenin · 12/18/2012
Scan your SkyDrive folder and Twitter Timeline

This App can now scan the files on your SkyDrive folder and Twitter Timeline. Use the "Scan a File" option to scan the files on your SkyDrive folder. You can now select a file from your SkyDrive folder, by clicking the "Files" drop-down list, and selecting SkyDrive, and then navigating to the file that you want to scan. Use the "Scan Tweets" option to scan your Twitter Timeline.

Hal · 10/24/2012
Good potential

This app really needs to be able to scan Skydrive in order to be a first class addition to Windows 8. But I really like its ability to scan Facebook links, and would love Twitter links as well...

Mithun · 10/8/2012
Does what it claims with ease

Easy to use UI with quick responses make the app work like a breeze. There is nothing like this on the store and there's no other organization which can be trusted except Symantec... Cool!! Simply love it..

Nazmus Shakib · 10/7/2012
Great app; room for improvement

The app is fast, easy, and useful. I like the ability to scan individual files and folders. Bug: File scan doesn't work because no files show up on the File picker. Would like it to be able to scan my Skydrive account because it is integrated with Windows 8. An error occurs if I switch to another app. Would like it to be able to scan in the background without interruption. Best, nazmus

Wes · 1/8/2014
Very cool indeed.

This program is very cool. It scans your online virtual you and keeps it free of viruses etc.

Babatunde · 4/4/2014
Mr Orulebaja

This is an excellent security tool for computer protections



  • Scan your Facebook and Twitter feed for malicious links.
  • Identify unsafe files in Dropbox and SkyDrive before sharing with friends
  • Identify unsafe files on your PC and external storage (not supported on Windows RT).
  • Scannable files types are .exe, .dll, and .msi files.
  • Detect malware and malicious links in your personal cloud.

App details

Version notes - Addition of SkyDrive Scan - Minor code enhancements

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