• Dynamic cycling tile for quick visual status of all your systems that have Norton installed
  • View a snapshot of what has happened recently on your Norton systems
  • Fix flagged problems on local and remote systems
  • Re-subscribe expired systems
  • Check the Global Threat Level
  • Ability to get Studio app updated regularly
  • Explore and view other Norton Products

Additional information

Version Notes - Support for new Norton™ Security & Norton™ Security with Backup products. - Improved user experience. - Minor bug fixes.

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Reviewer 3519 · 5/28/2015
so so glitch in the last few months...

something is causing a poor product lately. im considering shopping around!

Abdul Rahman Shah · 7/3/2014

I I like to

Matthew · 3/6/2014
Useless App

You can't even do anything on this app. Click on anything, and all it does is direct you onto the internet. That's not what an app is supposed to be like. Save your hard drive space for something more useful.

Reviewer 2508 · 5/13/2015
very difficult

1. We need a thorough and complete walkthrough of each and every categorie. Along with all including subcategories on every app and people who enjoy their job because they are good at it so that is why they are encouraged to thrive. I would like to have a doc. published with all ports their uses along with how to assign each. Then to be able to open and close through cmd P.S. Format: PDF, Movie Player Accessible

Reviewer 2895 · 7/8/2015

I had this service for a year and it kept messing up. I had to restart my computer just to do a scan

Josh · 4/1/2015
I opted to avoid installing Norton Malware / virus

however, Microsoft Windows Install saw fit to ignore the installer option I chose and installed the crapware anyway. Norton has been responsible for many phone calls I've received from friends or customers needing help with their PC because their internet connection was completely hosed / blocked by Norton products. I do not recommend installing the Norton virus on your PC; remove it ASAP and file class action for issues with them, and for illegally installing itself on the pc despite opting out of the Norton virus installation. That is bad faith business practice..

FightingIrishGuy1 · 4/7/2015
Norton Studio

I have been with Norton since 2011 I bought my first copy of Norton 360 from Staples and have not been disappointed ever since that September day and there monitor is great to the point and affective I really think with a lot of security programs getting blown out of the water you should give it a try.

Reviewer 1904 · 9/7/2014

Norton has come a long way from the beginning, but so have hackers. I believe that Norton is doing a great job on keeping up with the times. Hats off to Norton, I will be renewing again.

Reviewer 1488 · 8/30/2014
Norton studio

I keep installing it but it never opens!!! constantly telling me its time to renew,its got 3 or 4 computers listed on it and there is only 2. plus its over priced compared to others.!!!

Roger · 4/17/2014
Norton Studio

This antivirus product works well on my W-7 laptop but has been nothing but a pain on my W-8.1. First unable to run a scan because of freezing and then after getting a "fix" scan is often aborted with a repetitive error code. Must run a live update, shut down and then run a scan. Four trips to techs and a few to Norton Community and issue remains. Have lost confidence in this product.

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