• Open, Edit and Save .txt Documents
  • Open files in the app directly from text documents in the desktop
  • Navigate throught the Windows File Picker UI's to choose your file
  • Change the Background Colours in the app
  • Change the appearance of text in the app

Additional information

Version Notes

This update, (long since coming) addresses many features of Notepad 8: •Improved 'Snapped' mode •Improved 'Filled' mode •The ability to change the app background from the blue it is now. (Accessible from the 'Settings' Charm) •Font and Font Colour settings (On the app bar) •Added icons to the buttons to enhance multilingual understanding •Fixed an issue with scrollbars •Fixed an issue where the text colour and background colour were potentially the same (Black text on a Black Background) •Fixed an issue where the 'Privacy Policy' element was only ever 768 pixels high.

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Khaled · 11/2/2014
No Printing !!!

First, I thought it's my fault that I can't find out how to print, then after I read the reviews, I found that I was right, THERE IS NO PRINTING !!! come on, you got to be kidding.

Shaun · 4/14/2014
Give this to yourenemies

This app will with one accidental swipe, delete permanently whatever you just wrote, without asking if you want to save. WORTHLESS EVIL APP! Give it to your enemies. Until they fix it.

Casey · 4/6/2014
Don't recommend

there are better free apps "word pad" for example. I personally did not enjoy this app and its capabilities. Don't recommended.

Sajid · 2/11/2014


James · 12/27/2013
Epic Just what I wanted

I give five stars... But I would like to later see an option to change the font of the text like I could in the original notepad

Jayaram · 12/25/2013
Good application.. Can go more better by updates..

it lacks the recent tab (which includes the recent text files that we've opened).. Try to include more features that a real notepad include !

Reviewer 7003 · 6/10/2015

Its ok... but it crashed when I went to save a file I was working on causing me to lose a lot of hard work and effort

Heath · 2/8/2015
Find a way to remove the ads...

There should be a way to remove the ads.. For most people when using a tool or application.. ads are screen and resource hogging.. and should not be utilized within a UI. No option to be removed only means 3 stars and 3 stars only because the app is designed well.

H · 1/20/2015
Great app, just a little too basic!

A little too basic. I wished letter type, font, and size could be modified. Text size is a little small on the surface RT, which allows you to display text small or large over ALL the apps. When setting it to small, you can open 3 windows side to side instead of 2, but the text is too small to read.

Moya · 11/4/2014
Not What I thought It Would Be

It is not as good as I thought it would be. You can't format at all it is really just for writing stuff down and making lists. It is really good for that though! You can color it but not only one section it has to be the whole document, same with bolding and italicizing...

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