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Rebecca · 11/13/2012

This was my favorite notepad app. Its simple and did everything I needed. Now it won't save the edits I make to notes. If I try to delete part of the sentence no matter how many times I attempt to save the note at least half the sentence will come back. Was my favorite but now it's time to start searching for a new app unless these bugs get fixed. Pretty useless to me at the moment. Please fix!

JasonReaveSlone · 11/23/2011

Awesome app. Simple, nice.

jlwp · 11/18/2011

Clean and simple. =)

Player856310090 · 10/12/2011

Good app, but can't delete notes. How to use delete?

Player662134831 · 9/17/2011

Good but, not all that could be better.

Nick · 6/10/2013

The last update really messed things up for me. The file names all save as "temp#", where '#' is the next number in the list. No way to rename. Copy/paste is a nightmare. Had to take long notes, and the cursor ran off the screen with no scrolling, and no way to slide down to it. Everything after wasn't visible unless the phone was vertical. Then when I went to copy/paste, after a grueling issue trying to highlight the document, I accidentally pasted when I wanted to copy (thanks for making both icons look identical, Windows). No way to undo, so I exited the program without saving. It still saved the mistake. Loss of data means it's time to find a new app.

Stephen · 5/10/2013

I found a way to get my files back. All my files were intact, buried deep within the system files. They were not visible because developer (Isaac) changed the file type (extension). The old missing files are .txt, they need to be .doc in order for the root directory to display them. You'll need an explorer app to access and manipulate the files. You may need to unlock your phone in order to install or side-load the app. I use WP7 Root Tools. Navigate to the data folder and rename your old .txt files to .doc and remove all spaces in the file name. After all is well, export you files and delete this p.o.s. app since Isaac is no longer supporting it.

Preston · 1/20/2013

This used to be my goto notes app but the last several updates have left it completely unusable. I can't even see what I'm typing!! Also when its set to dark theme my text appears in a whitish box, it used to be all black with white font but now I guess its black on black. Please fix this.

Dowl · 10/30/2012

Simple and useful :D

Mad Flows Doom · 9/1/2012

I use this daily. It's a simple, elegant and beautiful note taking application. Highly recommended by a fellow programmer.


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