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Derek · 10/27/2014

This app has a great periodic table, with pictures of masses of elements and everything. (Spoiler alert: most are shiny and gray.) What sets it apart from other, similar apps is the Nova documentary and molecule builder also thrown in. I am shocked that it is free.

Darryl · 9/28/2014
Unfortunate glitch

I'm using a mouse and keyboard (no touchscreen), and I'm noticing what must be a glitch in the program. In the "Explore" screen (the interactive periodic-table), when I click on an element, nothing happens. The table simply shifts to the left or right in anticipation of more detailed information or a dialog-box, but nothing appears. I think the "Explore" feature would be one of the highlights of the App, and it doesn't work (with a mouse). Otherwise it's an exceptional App. I can only give it 3 stars.

Joshua · 7/1/2014
Nova IS science

Great app from great authority on science. Make sure you spend time navigating the app. Especially the periodic elements.

Nathan · 6/30/2014
cool app!

easy to navigate and visuals are OUTSTANDING!!!

Gavin · 6/30/2014
Great, Great, Great

I've always been one for immersive, educational apps, and this hits the nail on the head! It's beautifully done and snappy.

Jeffrey · 6/30/2014
Where was this tool when I was learning Chemistry?

A great learning tool for any Chemistry student, or anyone interested in Chemistry. Its a well done app that illustrates the value of computer based learning tools.

Josette · 6/29/2014
Great use of Summer Time!

My kids are enjoying this app during summer break. Very interactive.

R. · 8/11/2015
Interactive Periodic Table doesn't work with windows 10

The game plays fine and the narration works. But when you click on an element in the periodic table nothing Ng happens

Robert · 9/23/2014

You actually get to build atoms and chemical structures. Best Chemistry app out there!!!

Nick · 6/30/2014
Good educational tool

Very cool data visualization. Some of the graphics are a bit jagged in the main menu though, but the overall experience looks great. Please also support snapped view.



  • Combine elements to build a t-shirt, coffee, a watch, or banana
  • View video narratives of the elements and the two-hour NOVA program "Hunting the Elements"
  • Explore the Periodic Table

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Initial release with updated graphics.

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