• Combine elements to build a t-shirt, coffee, a watch, or banana
  • View video narratives of the elements and the two-hour NOVA program "Hunting the Elements"
  • Explore the Periodic Table

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Initial release with updated graphics.

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Derek · 10/27/2014

This app has a great periodic table, with pictures of masses of elements and everything. (Spoiler alert: most are shiny and gray.) What sets it apart from other, similar apps is the Nova documentary and molecule builder also thrown in. I am shocked that it is free.

Darryl · 9/28/2014
Unfortunate glitch

I'm using a mouse and keyboard (no touchscreen), and I'm noticing what must be a glitch in the program. In the "Explore" screen (the interactive periodic-table), when I click on an element, nothing happens. The table simply shifts to the left or right in anticipation of more detailed information or a dialog-box, but nothing appears. I think the "Explore" feature would be one of the highlights of the App, and it doesn't work (with a mouse). Otherwise it's an exceptional App. I can only give it 3 stars.

Joshua · 7/1/2014
Nova IS science

Great app from great authority on science. Make sure you spend time navigating the app. Especially the periodic elements.

Nathan · 6/30/2014
cool app!

easy to navigate and visuals are OUTSTANDING!!!

Gavin · 6/30/2014
Great, Great, Great

I've always been one for immersive, educational apps, and this hits the nail on the head! It's beautifully done and snappy.

Jeffrey · 6/30/2014
Where was this tool when I was learning Chemistry?

A great learning tool for any Chemistry student, or anyone interested in Chemistry. Its a well done app that illustrates the value of computer based learning tools.

Josette · 6/29/2014
Great use of Summer Time!

My kids are enjoying this app during summer break. Very interactive.

Robert · 9/23/2014

You actually get to build atoms and chemical structures. Best Chemistry app out there!!!

Nick · 6/30/2014
Good educational tool

Very cool data visualization. Some of the graphics are a bit jagged in the main menu though, but the overall experience looks great. Please also support snapped view.

Mike · 6/30/2014

Incredibly clever app... educational, yet genuinely fun and interesting. Well-designed, nice UI.

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