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Brendon · 7/26/2015

App is stable and performs well. However, banner ads are present even for digital subscriber. There is no option to remove them. These ads take up readable space in the article and impair readability. Even worse, the banner ads show up on the front page too with the gigantic header. Combined, there is only room for 2 stories on the front page! This is on a phone with a 5" screens, no less. This is a real usability issue that reduces the value of subscribing. Please remove ads for subscribers and reduce header sizes!

Beth · 7/29/2015

Good app for great content. Did have a bug trying to purchase a subscription but other than that all good.

R · 6/12/2015

All the news that is fit to print. And the awesome apps to see them on. Sharing on windows platforms are hands down the easiest. One click share to everything. Love it.

Charles · 6/25/2015

Can't copy and paste from article when sharing.

Katherine · 5/20/2015

Nice app. Thanks NYT for supporting windows phone users. Made my subscription worthwhile. If there was a way to view articles offline I'd give it 5 stars. Now I still have take a paper copy of the paper on the plane....

Dave · 6/16/2015

Most of the time I launch the app, I get the NYT logo, then just a blank, black screen. This used to be a good app. Now, when I get the black screen, I just launch the MSN News app. Update:6/16/15. If this isn't fixed by the end of the month in cancelling my subscription and will go to MSN News for it all.

Lane · 7/9/2015

Very readable, and the ability to save and share articles is great.

Alexander · 4/18/2015

Great journalism and good app: I purchased subscription to get most of it. 2 things I'd like to have: better caching (I want my phone to cache lots of articles via Wi-Fi in the morning and read them as I commute) and access to comments (link to comments in online version, at least!)

James · 5/31/2015

Using Windows Phone Nokia 928 8.1. No issues. Works great. Either portrait or landscape. Responds quickly with LTE. Great to have a responsible news pub on my phone.

soo · 4/11/2015

The latest update fixes the crash issue. However, it still lacks some of the useful features that I could find from other platforms such as Android and Ios. I hope that it could introduce features such as night mode, read out loud and etc. in the future.


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