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Jiéverson · 4/8/2014

Crash during tests and in settings

Nenad · 5/4/2015

Iove this app for it's learning possibilities and I've used it a lot on android. On WP, after a few tests, the app keeps crashing. I can't run any tests and I can't even go to settings without the app crashing. It would be very nice if this was fixed. (also add the numbers tests :) )

Claude · 4/29/2015

Love this app on my Android tablet but it crash on WP8.1 as soon as I start a test or the config. Please fix this !!! I tested this app on L830, L635, L530 and Blu Win JR; all having the same crashing problem... :-(

Matheus · 3/28/2015

Great app with great content. Not a five star because the "test" interface doesn't work. As soon as it opens, the app closes.

Joshua · 11/11/2014

Useful but tests always crash. Please release an update

Bryan Scott · 11/9/2014

I really like the app, having used it quite a bit on my galaxy tab, but it immediately closes when I start a test, and I don't know how to troubleshoot it. If I find an easy fix, I'll change my rating to 5.

Anthony · 9/2/2014

I've decided to rate this a 5 star even with the test portion force closing. I've used the app on Android before and it helped tremendously with learning Japanese. This uses Tae Kim's guide to learning Japanese (he also has videos on YouTube). Definitely a must have app once the test portion is functioning. -アンソニー

Roland · 8/12/2014

Crashes whenever I try to take the tests

Jeron · 5/9/2014

Great app, but recently started crash when I try to do any test or settings on WP8/8.1

Charles · 2/11/2014

This is exactly what I wanted. Weighted tests based on what you get right. You can select what characters to test on. Etc. Needs a loading screen/faster loading for the test as the first question is unresponsive for a second or two. Still worth 5 stars as I'm used to garbage winphone apps and this pleasantly surprised me. Lowered the rating by one star because some of the katakana are wrong. The hiragana 'he' is used for katakana. So are 'me' 'wa' and 'gu'. Strangely the katakana for 'gu' is used for 'ge'.


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