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Pem · 6/30/2015

Awesome!!!! Setup is fast and intuitive like this app. Well done Microsoft!!!

Marc Andrew · 6/13/2015

My laptop doesnt support bluetooth.

Dimon · 3/14/2015

I'm unable to connect with my pc though I have Bluetooth connected and office 7 running :(

Valeriu · 1/31/2015

Why bluetooth, can't you use wifi just like other apps do. This is stupid.

Syed · 1/12/2015

Works great for the files stored on local storage, but not working for the files open via SharePoint.

Ardalan · 1/10/2015

I cant connect to my laptop. Please somebody help me

Shawn · 12/31/2014

Seems pretty good, but it's not working correctly with headings/chapters e.g. in a book.

Kent · 10/20/2014

It's a great concept. But there are serious connectivity issues. I see this app going places

Kim Beng · 7/25/2014

only for office 2013 and latest~

kok lun · 4/19/2015

Good efford but there is no wow factor. In other platform like android, there is an app from Asus named Remote link where it can do whatever Office Remote can do but one step higher. Any version of office or PowerPoint can be used together. The app also can turns your phone as touchpad to select or open music player, photo or anything. At newer update, it even can synchronize with PC as long as both connect to the same wireless network and no more relies on Bluetooth. I really hope in the future update for this app can be as good and convenient as Asus remote link. Thanks and no offense.