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Oinam · 8/29/2015
Not able to sync in Windows 10 mobile

I m a big fan of onedrive features but on Windows 10 mobile preview I m unable to auto sync my camera 📷 photos. Fix please

Kokass · 8/5/2015
Superb, easy, and reliable cloud storage!

I use OneDrive daily. I use it to store my Music where it can be accessed and streamed to any of my Windows devices (or those devices where Microsoft Music /Groove app is available). I use it to have my Brother MFC printer/ scanner directly upload all documents I scan for access later. I use it for my pictures and other data. It's a great tool and the service is solid. I can't even recall a period where the service was down or impaired and I was in need of my data. The selective sync on desktop is great and the browsing experience is clean and simple. Can't beat!

Devin · 8/8/2015
Used daily

I love the easy document and photo backup and the seamless transition from phone to PC.

Seymour · 7/16/2015
When you need me I'm where ever you are.

I wish this app had been available in 2006. I do fashion design and I had my designs on a hosted site and backed up on dvd at home. Now the hosted site if you didn't go on it for 90 days they closed your Account. Now little did I know that my wife would have me falsely arrested for 90 days so my Account was closed and I lost those designed and the ones at home backed up in dvd, my wife changed the house out so I lost those too. If only one drive had existed then I would have had all of my designs and could have accessed them from anywhere. So now one drive has become an extension of my body. Now I keep anything that can be saved in a file on OneDrive. I even keep a copy of my military discharge papers on OneDrive as well. So if it's important you and if it can be saved on OneDrive that's where I put it especially since I'm able to get tobvfc everything from anywhere.

Eric · 8/2/2015

The windows phone 8.1 version was great because i could passcode protect sensitive files , now that option is gone on the Windows 10 version. Please correct this! Other than that the app is great.

alex · 7/16/2015

Well done MSFT for this app. It's fast smooth with great ui and a modern feel. I love the way windows 10 shape!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍

Aaron · 8/18/2015
Very nice implementation

Gotta love OneDrive. Nice app here too, elegant design.

Mike · 7/17/2015

Great app! Would love an option to select all, rather than having to tap each item individually though.

Jose · 7/22/2015
Its Nice

pls update lock option.

Roland · 7/21/2015
Quite bothered by Sync on Windows 10

I am quite bothered by the only available option on Windows 10 for accessing OneDrive files. This option is called Sync. I don't want OneDrive to keep a FULL copy of all my OneDrive on my Hard drive. I only want it to keep a copy of what I am working on / looking at but give me full access to everything via the internet. I want the real copy to be out on the internet server. Why do I need to dedicate 250MB+ of hard disk space because I want to access my 250MB+ of cloud disk space? The Web interface is great but the integrated Windows 10 version is quite disappointing because of the Sync.


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