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5 stars out of 5
Amado · 8/10/2015

La mejor opción del mercado , todo windows phone es lo mejor

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1 stars out of 5
Peter · 10/6/2015

This was the killer app that allowed me to abandon my iPad. Upgraded, use that term lightly, to Windows10 and its like going backward in time. This version is a mess, it functionality is stunted, its buggy and it doesn't work well with the "desktop" version. I've tried to hang in there but I just about ready to charge up my iPad and update Evernote. Never have I seen such disregard for customer input. Just go back to the old version, not sure what the problem is Microsoft.

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1 stars out of 5
Emily · 10/2/2015

First of all, the app has crashed on me and because I cannot uninstall it, there is nothing I can do to fix it. Second, the format isn't very easy to use, a lot of clicking is required to do simple things like draw or change font colors.

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4 stars out of 5
Patrick · 10/7/2015
Fundamentally usually fantastic, with occasional horror

I have a SP3 and I'm a student so OneNote is basically indispensable; it's been broken recently, however Microsoft is fairly quick and will actually respond to feedback (2-3 days?). They've updated it, although it also took a powershell uninstall (Get-AppxPackage *onenote* | Remove-AppxPackage), and it works again. Yay! But it shouldn't break in the first place. In all honesty there's nothing that really comes close to OneNote, other than its desktop version, so you don't actually have any other options. And that's fine, because OneNote is great, when and if it works, and it usually does, but not sometimes. Some feedback I can offer/request is the reintroduction of the radial menu as an option, and better integration of handwriting-to-text (train/save as text?). Oh, and consistency as to when it works would be spectacular. There's really not much to ask for, it's a great app (when it works, almost always does - should work).

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1 stars out of 5
Nicholas · 10/4/2015
I don't want this version

I have Office 2013, which has a MUCH better full version of OneNote. But, for some reason, Windows 10 keeps trying to make this dumbed-down version the default. I wish you'd give me the option to uninstall this garbage. It's like the extremely limited-capability version I have on my Android phone. I've said in other reviews, if I wanted a dumbed-down tablet interface on everything, I'd buy an Apple product. Stop trying to turn my laptop into a tablet!!!

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1 stars out of 5
Sierra · 9/29/2015
I loved it before

I loved onenote before I upgraded to Windows 10. I loved the options to switch pen types, sizes and colors from the stylist point. I also loved that I could have folders of notes, especially for my classes. I find paper notebooks to be clunky and wasteful, specially when I used to have all my notes for all my classes on one device. I haven't figured how to get the folders back if I even can. It was just better the way it was before. Stop changing everything Microsoft!

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1 stars out of 5
Trish · 9/29/2015
Will not open on Win 10 Surface Pro 3!

It worked for a week, but this week it will not even open and gives the following error: Sorry, something went wrong. We were unable to sign you in. Try again later. I can access everything associated with my Microsoft account (OneDrive, Office Apps, O365, etc.) except for this app! I use it because it uses the Surface tablet style better than the desktop version, so I am now having to use the desktop version (OneNote 2013) which is very cumbersome when trying to take notes!!! Help!

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3 stars out of 5
Ali · 9/28/2015
No radial menu

Now after many updates, I think the normal tool in bar (instead of radial menu) is really good, but I feel the lack of default pen color (and type), it is really necessary. I also cannot remove something that I selected using my pen (or touch), can anyone help me out? Also when using pen, my hand suddenly presses touch screen when I just stopped using pen (I think you should fix this, I just finished writing with pen and when I just put my pen a little up, Onenote consider my hand in the touchscreen as a touch press) , and it enters writing mode in a textbox and a small toolbar of Copy Paste Cut appears, but it doesn't disappear when I work with my pen again and remains there.

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1 stars out of 5
Nathan · 10/1/2015
Lost all my offline work

I would consider myself a OneNote power user. I use it all the time for work to jot notes down, for to do lists, anything/everything, it keeps me organized. I don't keep paper notes anymore. However, I spend a good deal of my time offline due to security restrictions at my place of work. Today I found that the metro version of the app, that I have used for the past week without being able to go online, developed some kind of fatal error. After trying for hours to fix it I spoke with a customer service person who told me that I had to uninstall it to get it to recover. To no surprise, it had lost my last WEEK of offline notes. It didn't sync with the desktop version. It left no traces anywhere of my notes. Just GONE. Notes from meetings with my bosses that I can't have again. Notes on work flows, figures I spent hours drawing, etc. all lost. I can't even explain my level of frustration. How can I ever trust OneNote/Microsoft again? Short answer, I won't.

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2 stars out of 5
David · 9/29/2015
A step backwards

This app is less functional than it used to be on windows 8. The awesome radial menu with quick flick access to pen types and colours is gone, the toolbar is clunky and big and the onscreen keyboard randomly appears when I'm trying to write with a stylus on my SP 3. Like the old version, this one will also randomly crash from time to time and occasionally lose data. Having two PCs syncing at the same time cause havoc to pen drawings. More recently the app just stopped working and would just repeated state "Sorry, something went wrong" over and over. I had to resort to PowerShell to remove it to get it working again. Over the years I have been a OneNote fan but this is embarrassing and renders my SP 3 far less useful than it was. OneNote team, I know you can do better than this.

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  • Make lists --- Quickly write to-do lists with check boxes
  • Draw and write --- Use your device's pen or your finger to add ink to your notes with multiple types of pens and highlighters
  • Quickly take a note --- Jump straight to a blank page by clicking the Note button in the Windows Action Center and on supported pens*
  • Share to OneNote --- Send websites, recipes, documents, and more to OneNote using the Share Charm, Microsoft Edge, Clipper, Office Lens, and dozens of other apps and services
  • Recent Notes --- Quickly access your most recent notes, complete with visual previews of each page
  • Work together --- Share your notebooks with colleagues, family, and friends and edit them together in real time
  • Search --- Search and find anything in your notes, including handwritten ink and the text in pictures
  • Paper --- Take notes on a white background, or add a grid or ruled lines for easier drawing and writing
  • Customize formatting --- Style your notes with tables, bullets, colors, and more

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