• Make lists --- Quickly write to-do lists with check boxes
  • Draw and write --- Use your device's pen or your finger to add ink to your notes with multiple types of pens and highlighters
  • Quickly take a note --- Jump straight to a blank page by clicking the Note button in the Windows Action Center and on supported pens*
  • Share to OneNote --- Send websites, recipes, documents, and more to OneNote using the Share Charm, Microsoft Edge, Clipper, Office Lens, and dozens of other apps and services
  • Recent Notes --- Quickly access your most recent notes, complete with visual previews of each page
  • Work together --- Share your notebooks with colleagues, family, and friends and edit them together in real time
  • Search --- Search and find anything in your notes, including handwritten ink and the text in pictures
  • Paper --- Take notes on a white background, or add a grid or ruled lines for easier drawing and writing
  • Customize formatting --- Style your notes with tables, bullets, colors, and more

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OTHON · 7/30/2015
Two steps back

This new WIN 10 version eliminates the selection wheel. Now I can no longer choose different pen thickness. n tablet mode, the keyboard appears at random times blocking the screen, the insert camera option also disappeared. I used to love using One Note touch, what happened? Why fix it if it wasn't broken, it used to work great before.

Sterling · 7/30/2015
Crippling, Awful Update

Back on Windows 8.1 this app was near perfect. With this redesign came more than just a new look, it also came with a new host of bugs. Not to mention the new design is much less fluid than the previous one. They carried over the iOS design, which does not work well on this platform in my opinion. Most importantly are the bugs, one of which forced me to restart the Surface 3 a total of 3 times during my last lecture, just to take notes. After using the app if my palm is resting on the screen in a certain way while writing the Surface reverses left and right click for touch input. This makes the device near unusable as to left click requires a long press every time. The only way I've resolved this is to restart the entire computer. I contacted both Surface Support and OneNote support on Twitter, neither of which were helpful in the least. Surface Support just redirected me to an outdated support page, after telling me to uninstall, which isn't allowed in the system.

Trent · 7/29/2015
Nice update, missing some old OneNote app features

I like the redesign and it will take a little time getting used to. But I think it's for the better. However, I noticed there is no longer quick access to changing the different pen inputs, such as changing between different pens, highlighter, and eraser with the little circle/bubble that would appear. I would really like to see this reappear, as it gave me easy access to changing pen input types. Also, when in full screen on a page, the menu option (top left corner) disappears. It only reappears when exiting out of full screen mode on the page. It's a inconvenience when trying to switch quickly between pages/notebooks. Those are my gripes, but I like everything else about the new update.

Garret · 7/30/2015
Windows 10 OneNote is terrible

OneNote on Windows 8.1 was outstanding and I truly loved the color wheel that allowed users to easily switch between different colors and sizes while handwriting. Handwriting on the new version is not as it should be and there should be an option to gain access to the beloved color and size wheel!

Greg · 7/31/2015
window 10 update doesn't' work correctly

I had notes linked from both an office365 account and a personal (outlook.com) account and was able to access from a single session. with the win10 update, I no longer have access to my outlook.com notes, cannot open local notes on the HD without an account and cannot create a new account - no error messages, just screens that go away with no change. way to destroy a great tool !

Aleksandr · 7/31/2015
Was better before windows 10 upgrade

Doesn't work after windows 10 upgrade, only shows screen We unable to sign you in try again, So I was able to reinstall it only with powershell, because no other way to uninstall this app. After it launched and synced with cloud And overall it gives a very poor usability in compare with previous W8.1 version Fix it please if you want 5 stars

Eric · 7/31/2015
New update locked me out???

I can still access my notes through the Office 2013 desktop version, but windows 10 version won't open, saying there was an unspecified problem and couldn't log me in. I have been using one note for over a year now, and generally love it, but having to use the desktop version is annoying since pen function on my surface defaults to the broken version of one note and there's no way to associate it with the working version. Hopeful this is corrected soon...

Amber · 7/29/2015
Windows 10 version

I love OneNote. I use it for all my class notes and shopping lists. I would love it even more if you guys brought back the pen feature. Right now, it can only write with a thin pen and the highlighter is the medium thickness. I want to be able to choose the thickness of my pens and highlighter. I also want multiple pens like in the last Windows version.

Dave · 7/25/2015

Over the last year, I've come to depend on OneNote quite a bit. My life is made slightly simpler because of it. Anything from taking notes in a meeting to creating a shopping list, this app keeps track of it and makes it easy for me to access it anywhere from any device. OneNote is the foundation of my Windows phone experience, it's a great little tool!

Bruno · 7/30/2015
Great touch version

Really easy to use, and with a great number of features. It really complements the desktop version.

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