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Player055862147 · 1/18/2011

Love it!

croach77 · 12/1/2010

I use a very strong password for all my accounts, but this app still denies me. No point in creating a crazy password that I'm going to forget or have to write down.

Player832371698 · 9/13/2011

Please add delete/unenroll as participant. Horrible when yahoos create challenges for one year or when someone makes a simple error.

peaceandwar0708 · 5/31/2011

Great app...i would like to have the ability to delete old challenges that have already finished. I also think it would be helpful to have a sub menu when creating a challenge: new challenge, resume previous challenge, edit challenge. But it keeps you on your toes. Also it needs an easier way to get to the dates for editing...the current way is quite annoying.

Lynnli · 5/8/2011

A great app, to be sure, but it really needs an update allowing you to opt out of challenges, the copy function should be removed, and a feature that jumps to the current date. Lag should be dealt with, too. Overall, it's a decent app.

Riskbreaker23 · 4/12/2011

Can be a lot of fun if you get a lot of friends to join. Needs a few improvements such as being able to remove challenges. Also with NoDo performance of the app is improved.

PrincessSF · 4/4/2011

Great concept. Would like to: 1) get reminder notifications from myself; 2) archive challenges that have ended. 3) jump to current day when updating progress. Make it easier to jump to other days without guessing, especially when challenges span months.

LoverQt · 3/31/2011

1. Ability to opt out of any challenges 2.When updating on a challenge, it always rollback to the first daythe app was created INSTEAD of "Today's Date!"-Plz fix that! It's Very Annoying! 3. Need multiple input options per day as the day passes 4. Capability for commenting to interact with participants/friends--Thank you!

iamwhatiplay · 2/17/2011

1) Performance needs to be improved 2) Allow editing of your own challenges 3) Allow creation of badges? 4) Make should create challenges.

lebazanitteb · 2/1/2011

This app is neat as it can keep yourself accountable or perhaps a small group, however, there aren't many challenges to join, I had to create all 3 of mine, and there isn't a way to edit once it is created...but it is a good idea. I would suggest being able to send an email out to intive friends. I see no place that allows you to invite people who are not already using app but the app itself suggests inviting friends to your challenges.


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