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Jason · 6/8/2015

Works pretty well, except that I have turned off auto track recording repeatedly but it just keeps automatically turning back on.

Michael · 7/7/2015

On my HTC 8x, the application force closes when I try to access the map portion. I sent email to support and have not heard a single word back in almost a week.

Joey · 7/1/2015

I like the style of this app and only ap i have found with features in one place i seek. EXCEPT I haven't been able to open a map since I purchased. Was hoping an update would fix, and that hasn't happened. Crapola for now.

agustin · 5/24/2015

This app is great. Save maps and use them when you have no internet is the best.

Mark · 7/9/2014

Great app for tracking a hike. Works in the background, not too much battery drain. Would love to see it on Windows 8 for tablets, to review your routes.

Carlos · 7/7/2014

App only draws routes in straight lines, very hard to use. HikenBike, A Route Tracker or my favorite, NaviComputer are way better hiking and outdoor nav apps. Uninstalling now.

Claire · 6/27/2014

Program shutdowns and compass does not work. Additionally creating POI's is complicated and not intuitive. Program needs work. Not 100% accurate GPS, but better then other programs.

Clayton · 6/20/2014

This is a great app with one exception. It constantly crashes behind the scenes and you cannot get full tracks saved. I have been using this app for several years and they have yet to fix this bug. Other than that, the features are awesome. Just dont rely on it.

Christopher · 5/18/2014

Waste of money! If u accidently hit the windows button it closes the app and you start a new route when loaded. The u have to try to figure out your location using multiple tracks

Heath · 4/17/2014

I was glad to see the app was recently updated with needed improvements but was surprised to see it doesn't support existing offline map support. I already downloaded maps for HERE maps. Other apps can use these so please add support. This app also doesn't handle .gpx files like some other apps, which would help solve another problem below. Please let me either pick my OneDrive (note band change from SkyDrive) import folder or navigate folders. I already have a different folder for GPX files. Those would be worth five stars.