• A full-featured eReader and audiobook player. One app, thousands of eBooks and audiobooks.
  • Search by library name, postal code or city name to add a website link to open in web browser to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from your digital library.
  • Sync most recent position, bookmarks and website links across multiple Android, iOS, and Windows 8 devices.
  • Customize your reading experience by changing font size, margin, contrast and more to suit your style.
  • Add bookmarks for any title. Look up word definitions in eBook reader.
  • Change audiobook playback speed from 1/2 speed (.5x) to double speed (2x). Add a sleep timer from 15 to 90 minutes.
  • Pin title to the Windows Start screen for instant access to your eBook and audiobook.

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What's New * Added 'History' feature so you can see the books that you previously downloaded. * Enabled links within eBooks. * Bug fixes.

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kayla · 8/2/2015

I love this app because it makes it so easy to download books. I don't mind having to put a book on hold because they always alert me when its ready.

Reviewer 7708 · 8/1/2015
Great Application

I've been using this app for at least 3 years and it's been fantastic. I can read my books on my laptop, my iPad or my iphone. Much of the time it recognizes that I've switched devices and brings to the last page read (this feature could still use some tweaking). Super easy to get books. Lending periods are good and renewing or extending the lending term is also very easy. Notifications and reminders are excellent. Overall a super app.

Kathleen · 8/1/2015
The Overdrive App is really enjoyable!

Love the Audiobooks especially...dealing with a chronic pain condition, it is wonderful to listen to books when I have to lie down. Listening to a book helps me become distracted from the pain. Very thankful for this App.

Elaine · 7/30/2015

This app allows for relative easy access to library eBooks as well as public domain literature. Easy to use the interactive dictionary is excellent

Mike · 8/1/2015
Outstanding Material!

Everything is so easy to use but sometimes you have to wait awhile for a good book.

Reviewer 0688 · 7/28/2015
Overjoyed with Overdrive

Wow! This app is great. I got hooked on audiobooks last year, which opened up reading to me as I could listen to a book while walking, shopping, watching a game, riding in a car, etc... no longer limited to activities where my eyes and hands were free. Overdrive is an app I use to access audiobooks available through my library. It's easy, straight-forward, and a joy to use.

Waqar · 7/29/2015
awesome but bugged

as far as what it offers is concerned its up to mark, easy to use, fantastic. but it crashes often. needs to be restarted and every once in a while it goes corrupt and I have to reinstall it. please fix

Reviewer 6298 · 7/29/2015

Overdrive is the one I use for renting books. They're very easy to use and gives you access to public libraries, as long as you have a current library card of course, which is very convenient because you can borrow books for free. Excellent app and I can't think of any that's just as good as this one.

Reviewer 2990 · 8/2/2015
Works Perfect

This app works perfect. Easy to navigate, and have had no problems as of yet so no reason not to rate it five starts. I am not always able to find every book I am looking for, but that has nothing to do with how the app performs.

Reviewer 0143 · 7/31/2015
Library suggested I needed it to get E-books.

It's a little hard to figure out, but I've used it for a couple of months now. Yes it loses your place. Yes the over drive app on my phone lost a chapter in an audio book I was listening too. but I found the chapter on my laptop so, over all it's good way to read or listen to library books.

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