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Gerry · 7/29/2015

A really great piece of software that can be a real benefit to persons that have any sort of physical limitation, but is just as beneficial for anyone that just has an interest in reading and learning, especially if they want to be solely on their own schedule. With audio books (my interest area) you can have your materials available to you at any time and while doing almost any activity. Its great fun to learn while gardening, for instance, or maybe even while skateboarding (I'm a little old for that). Whatever your lifestyle, audio or text books downloaded from the local library are a wonderful enhancement to a fantastically large part of America! Keep it up all of the programmers and managers behind the scenes of "Overdrive Media Console

ednheather · 7/29/2015

Used by my library takes two tries everytime to log in, often a long wait for material and when I do get it, some material stops at odd points and if I pause may start back at the point I began listening that session. On the plus side I can listen to audio on my windows phone.

Bob · 7/29/2015

Really enjoy this app!!! I use it all the time to download books to my Kindle and audio books to my phone. I commute 2 1/2 hrs a day and the audio books make my drive much more tolerable! Would be spending a small fortune for the number of books I download, so it's great this is free!

SteveNovella · 7/22/2015

Great app! It has made reading e-books more enjoyable.

David · 7/21/2015

I enjoy using Overdrive to read eBooks I check out from my local library. My only complaints are that sometimes whole sections of text are cut off and I have to leave app and come back for text to be restored. Also, when logging into my library account through app, it takes a couple of times for me to get logged in. Finally, when scrolling down as I'm reading, sometimes I'll get bumped to a lower section of text or worse, to another chapter as the app registered an intended tap, rather than an intended scroll.

Micheal · 7/30/2015

An easy to use and fun app

M'heeraw · 7/19/2015

I've been using this for years and it has never let me down. I can get audio books and eBook with no problem. If you are an avid book reader get this app so you can have more access to your library collection.

Nate · 7/18/2015

Excellent for reading. Has similar features to a physical e-reader. Lost a star because audio book support is horrible. Never got it to work. Multiple problems including refusing to download unless on WiFi in spite of settings, corrupted files when downloaded, etc.

Ashlea · 7/21/2015

I want to love this app, BUT it prompts repeated signs-in w/o actually signing you in (Libraries 2Go), glitches between parts, not moving on, and does not always display the current chapter when the screen has timed out. It would also be wonderful if all filters/selections could be set then updated on Libraries 2Go

Aaron · 7/18/2015

Love being able to get audio books without having to visit the library! A few bugs in the app (like not auto playing the next Part in a book while listening).