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Now doze off to your favorite tunes using the Pandora sleep timer. Also, use your voice to start Pandora, say “Pandora play” or “Pandora find” followed by a station name.

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Theresa · 7/26/2015

I haven't been able to listen to any songs the past few days despite uninstalling and reinstalling the app. When it did work, I only could listen to three songs or so before the app lost network connection

Carlos · 7/10/2015

Why doesn't Windows Phone Pandora work correctly on my brand new car with MyLink? I can only manage my stations using the phone instead of using the radio screen! With an iPhone or an Android phone, it works perfectly! AND, we can't get Pandora One and have to deal with the stupid commercials when it was exclusive to Windows Phones only because "They have to pay bills!" Bullshiznitz!

William · 7/13/2015

Works as advertised for me. Please bring WP users the Pandora alarm clock feature!! Would make it a 5 star app!!

audrey · 7/18/2015

Best music app... But it starting to skip all the songs idk what's wrong

Bjorn · 7/26/2015

Does not work at all. Will not allow you to register nor login. I keep being prompted that there is a network connection issue. There's not because everything else that requires a network on my phone works just fine

folana · 6/30/2015

I was able to set my alarm on my phone through Pandora. I have not been able to figure out how to do that on this Windows phone!

James · 6/23/2015

This app used to be awesome, now every time I play something over Bluetooth the sound quality is garbage! It sounds like everything has an echo to it or as if I'm listening to music in a 100 foot hallway.

David · 7/20/2015

Great App, thanks for supporting Windows phone :)

John · 7/9/2015

I echo many of the other reviews. The program used to work, but is unusable with the most recent update. Unfortunately, the most recent update almost never plays when over wifi for me. If it does it is only after long pauses of trying to load song data. For me it works almost perfectly over cell data. Very unfortunate that this issues plaguing tons of users has not been addressed.

josh · 7/19/2015

Awesome. A few bugs but otherwise awesome