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Kim · 5/13/2015

Absolutely love this app. Used it religiously with my first two years ago and just started using it again with my second last week. Love the updates :)

Laurie · 4/28/2015

The only thing that would make this app better is if it could sync across multiple phones. I wish my husband could record everything when he takes care of the baby and then sync it with my phone, and vice versa. The data compilation is only relevant if every single thing is recorded, so when I'm not with baby his daddy has to write everything down and I have to manually input the info when I return.

Catherine · 2/7/2015

So helpful to be able to keep track of everything in one place! The summary and history feature is super helpful, too!

Amanda · 9/6/2014

This is a wonderful way to keep track of your baby's daily activities! I'm using it with my 3rd son, I wish it had been around for my first 2 boys also. It's so nice to be able to answer the pediatrician's questions about my son's daily feedings and diapers without having to guess. W It's worth every penny!

User · 6/16/2014

Love this app! Helps me keep track of all the details of my baby's activities, freeing my mind up for more important tasks, like playing with her! It does all the hard work for me and has made my life much easier!

Shelly · 1/30/2014

Nice to keep track of breastfeeding and pumping. It also provides summaries and export to email in Excel format so the data can be kept forever! Much better than keeping track on paper as I used to. Only four stars as there are some bugs and never any updates and cannot put in weight in lbs and ozs, just lbs (so you have to get a fraction).

Audrey · 1/18/2014

We have found this app extremely useful. The info tracked has come in handy at doctors appointments. My only negative is in the growth chart area. I really wish you could input a month range to view the growth charts instead of just the first 13 weeks, first year, etc... Being able to view it in a smaller time frame would help really see growth progress when you have to track weight every few days to a week to make sure the growth rate is good.

User · 1/7/2014

Love this app! However, is there a way to export a full day of activities instead of just one activity?

Carmen · 10/2/2013

Great app for those who have used iFeed from Google play!!! You can also keep track of growth, medicine, doctors visits, etc. Only wish the feeding timer was the same as the sleep timer. Also timers should start at the correct time. If you go to the timers at 10am and start at 10:10, the timer starts at 10am :(

Alicia · 7/23/2013

Use this app for my 6 day old and absolutely love it. Keeps track of all feedings, has the option to pause and input your own time and you are able to exit app, browse on phone and come back to end feeding when baby finishes. Has options to input doctor appts, diaper changes and consistencies and nap schedules. As a new mom I couldn't be as efficient without this app. Well worth the money and the best out there.


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