• Keep your passwords safe
  • Easy to reference all your passwords in one place
  • Ultra-secure encryption
  • Beautiful and intuitive interface that you'll love.

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* New Features * Snap support Sort wallet entries --- Updated UI Change master password Scroll helpers for mouse users --- Generate new strong passwords Fixed a minor usability issue with titles --- Reorder items in your wallet for neat organization Delete unneeded wallets (very carefully) Export your wallets for safe keeping or for importing on a different machine. Reveal push button to show your password only when you need it.

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Randall · 7/27/2015
You want a secure locker?

Well... this is the one for you. Easy to use and very secure for any data you may have.

Reviewer 6508 · 6/22/2015
Password Lock

This is a great app. However, to access your passwords you must press and hold mouse pad or button or else it will immediately revert to the bullets.

Reviewer 1969 · 5/20/2015
Password Locker doesn't work

I cannot get Password Locker to log in to a web site. After setting up a wallet entry and clicking on the "Visit" link it brings up the site but will not enter the ID or password. If I'm doing something wrong there is no manual that I can find other than marketing description of the screens on both the Store and their website. I'm running a new laptop with Win 8.1. I'm starting to shop for a password safe that actually works.

Reviewer 4888 · 6/11/2015
My Passwords where hacked !!!

Today I noticed that all my accounts had been hacked. The only way this could have happened would be via this app. I suggest you do not use this app

Clyde · 9/18/2014
Uncle Ken's

I have enjoyed using the Safe.

Lisa · 5/17/2014
Off to a bad start

First of all, it is only on the start screen of Windows 8 and it doesn't even show up on desk top to enter from a website. Plus, it is confusing from the start, you have to manually enter EVERY WEB ADDRESS FOR EACH ENTRY( if I didn't try the very first entry to see if it worked, I would've wasted my time(the entry needs to be SPECIFICLY EXACT). I TRIED IT AND I DON'T LIKE IT

Frederick · 1/24/2014
mediocre app

Not great

Tony · 12/8/2013
Good, but needs update before I buy

I just realized I can delete the wallets without putting in a password.... Not safe all, otherwise I was give it a 5

chris · 3/24/2013

Unable to edit or add categories. Limited utility because user has very little ability to change format of entries.

tj · 11/15/2012

I loaded 2 wallets and 6/7 diff sites, logins and passwords. I exited them and toggled between them. Then I went back in and they were all gone and it was like it was the first time I was using the program. Great idea and appearance but....something is wrong for that to happen...that really sucks considering I PAID for this!!! Now I am afraid to used it!!!

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