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Gary · 9/1/2015
Simple and does the job

Easy to use without a bunch of bells and whistles that just get in the way. So far it's done exactly what I wanted it to do. I wish it would sync a little better with OneDrive. It didn't quite catch up when I changed the name of one of my password items and left me with some duplicates. Not a big problem, but had me confused a bit until I figured out what had happened. Just to be safe, I plan to only use one computer for all uploads and any others for download only. Maybe overkill but can't afford to accidentally overwrite a current password... Overall I'm happy with the app and will continue to use it.

RDK · 8/29/2015

Password Padlock is very similar to Androids "Pocket" app. It's very easy to setup and customize for your needs. Great app!

Jessica · 8/30/2015
Works as advertised!

I needed a program where I could safely store and access my numerous passwords, and this program seems to fit the bill. I also like that it allows you to customize your system so that you can organize your passwords into their respective categories, make notes, and save other important account information.

Ross · 8/19/2015
Great password manager app

Great app that lets me share my encrypted passwords across my windows phone, surface rt and windows PCs. The OneDrive integration is super. I have two suggestions for future development: 1)make the last changed date be for each password entry (thus allowing you to update just one password from the cloud), and 2) create a iOS version that has the same import from OneDrive feature!

Adam · 8/18/2015
no Problems

not having any problems with this app although other than a place to type in passwords & their associated URL's I find no real functions that it performs. It can generate passwords for you if you're having trouble with that. I am not struggling there, I have tons of password combinations already swimming around in my brain. I'm looking for help managing, changing & maybe even inputting them. It doesn't automatically update passwords I've changed nor does it synch with a websites log in credentials request. So simply as a place for password storage I could have created a spreadsheet in Excel that would do the same thing this app does.

Marcel · 8/27/2015
Easy to use on multiple devices.

Easy to use on multiple devices.

John · 8/18/2015

Works great for keeping all my passwords, I can customize categories any way I want and add lots of other things like the username, website url, etc. It even will generate one for you if you want, and then you can just double-click or tap to copy to clipboard which is really convenient. Handy if you have a lot of different passwords.

First Will · 8/24/2015

Simple straight to the point. Don't need access to whole phone, feel safer. Unable to update comments section in edit mode.

John · 8/16/2015
Easy use, timed logout, 256bit encryption

I started using it on a Windows Phone, which became (understandably) unwieldy as I stored dozens and dozens of passwords over the past couple years. When I upgraded my PC to Windows 10, I got the PC app and haven't looked back. I appreciate that it knows that it is a password vault and doesn't try to be anything else. It quickly and without fuss presents plain text data. No clicking "are you sure?" buttons several times in a row. Enter master password and that's it! And AES-256 encryption keeps data safe when I am not logged in.

Juan José · 8/17/2015

Great app to keep sync. passwords in PC and Phone. Only a couple of changes. When you reinstall, and sync with your backup, the original categories remains even if I deleted before.



  • Encrypted password storage
  • Encrypted password backup on OneDrive
  • Password generation
  • Share data with companion Windows Phone app
  • Organize password by categories you create
  • Search for password by name

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Version notes

This release improves messaging for newer data on OneDrive. Bug fixes for change master password and change category are also included. Master password timeout when app obscured improved.

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