• Encrypted password storage
  • Encrypted password backup on OneDrive
  • Password generation
  • Share data with companion Windows Phone app
  • Organize password by categories you create
  • Search for password by name

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Version Notes

This release improves messaging for newer data on OneDrive. Bug fixes for change master password and change category are also included. Master password timeout when app obscured improved.

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Stuart · 7/22/2015
nice little password vault

simple and to the point, good configuration options if you need it; awesome to have it on my Windows Phone as well as my laptop; the SkyDrive sync is a little confusing... not sure why I need to upload and download manually, i'd prefer the app just do it when I'm connected, and let me manually sort out any version conflicts.

Ross · 7/18/2015

Great app that lets me share my encrypted passwords across my windows phone, surface rt and windows PCs. My main wish is for an iOS version!

Dwight · 7/29/2015

Simple, Easy.

Kit · 7/14/2015

Very nice simple app. I use it all the time across my MS windows platforms. Great to have my passwords with me all the time securely. OneDrive sync is essential benefit

Ken · 7/29/2015

Easy to use with flawless backup.

Rick · 6/30/2015

Excellent basic password vault. Easy to sync. Seems to offer good security.

Reviewer 5979 · 6/9/2015
Proficient password manager

Password Padlock in my opinion is a easy and intuitive password manager. Still learning more about other features and helps me keep my password information. A Downside would be the logging out can be a bit annoying, but insignificant compare to what you get out of this

Kevin · 7/2/2015

Helps me keep track of my passwords.

Jean-Frederic · 6/17/2015

Well organized and easy to use. Responded quickly to error reports.

Reviewer 5349 · 6/24/2015
My Review of Your Password Padlock APP

I love this APP. It is really user friendly and I can upload/download it's data to my ONE DRIVE to sync with my other Windows 8 PCs. I have only one drawback, my Samsung smart phone and my Samsung tablet PC doesn't have a PASSWORD PADLOCK APP on the GOOGLE STORE. Are you going to produce an Android APP in the near future so all of us Android Users can sync to our ONE DRIVE? I will give you a 5 star rating with the windows 8 Desktop/Laptop applications but only 4 with my Samsung Android toys!

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