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Reviewer 6318 · 6/5/2015
Mr. Attila Aszalos

I can NOT find the help I need, can some please tell me how to go about installing apps that I have downloaded from the APP store for free and I am unable to get installed despite other free apps that I had downloaded at the same time having been able to install successfully, you can E-mail me your reply to ( Attilaaszalos@juno.com).

John · 2/10/2015
Good idea but has flaws.

Mouse doesn't work properly with remote even if you press left mouse button. Sometime the screen just goes gray and stays that way... Good idea, but needs work.

Jacob · 7/3/2014
Coo idea, but not quite there!

It's really slow, glitch, and isn't as smooth as anyone would like it to be! Thanks developers, but please take this as constructive criticism. I'm trying to control a windows 8 Pc from my windows surface rt.

Rod · 6/29/2014
media center

these is the most rediculus thing I hate windows 8

Reviewer 2147 · 8/17/2015
easy access

better to control

Vivian · 2/4/2015
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Hudson · 8/8/2014
Good when it works

It's a nice app... when it works. My connection is inconsistent and the app crashes more frequently than is acceptable.

George · 8/2/2014
unable to find network

I have an Ipad mini with a similar program Win8 Ctrl. The no programs are supposed to talk to one another and share features. But, the programs won't auto connect. It looks good, but useless

William · 7/1/2014
I LOVE THIS APP, so helpful

I love this app, it is the most useful and most used app next to office that I use on my Surface. I love how is has some prebuilt-in apps like Spotify, and Windows Media player, but yet it still gives me the ability to use it as a keyboard, mouse and look at the Desktop. It reminds me a lot of Teamviewer, but a lot easier, a lot simpler, and a lot faster. For a person like me, I have multiple computers that I use and they aren't next to each other, (and lets face it, getting up and walking over to the other side of the room just to go back gets a little tiring after the first 5 times) which is why I love this app because its lets me stay in my seat (be lazy) and still use both computer simultaneously. I love this app

Dominic · 4/20/2014
PC Remote

Great app and so simple to use.



  • Mouse - Left click, double click, right click, drag n drop , horizontal and vertical scroll
  • Full keyboard
  • Remote Desktop without locking PC: view PC screen at phone, use keyboard to type and tap to move mouse cursor.
  • Volume control
  • Windows Media Center: fully control Windows Media Center
  • VLC Player - Control VLC player on remote computer
  • Support for players like Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, Windows Media Player, Media Player classic, Winamp, Zune, itunes
  • XBMC Player - Control XBMC on your remote computer
  • Powerpoint - Control powerpoint presentation on remote computer
  • Power - Shutdown, restart, log off, turn off or on monitors

App details

Version notes

1. Added Support for XBMC player 2. Added support for Powerpoint presentations 3. Added power controls like shutdown, restart, log off, turn on / off monitors 4. Added support to control mouse sensitivity. 5. When the remote opens for the first time it also opens the respective app.

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