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UPDATE 9. JULY 2015 The app is now permanently free, enjoy :) VERSION 3.2.23 - Assign auto-action that shall/can occur on unique hit - Assign user defined actions to MENU-double tap - Options for for auto-clearing search result - Double tap * to manually refresh index - Now also search with characters from the five Sami languages - Bug fixes VERSION 3.1.50 - Fixed issue with blank screen when clicking "later" in the expired-popup - Adjusted layout in the other-pivot in the details page VERSION 3.1.26 - Fixed an critical error could cause the app to crash. VERSION 3.1.22 - More texts, icons and graphics are now resized when you change the prefered text size - Some minor bugfixes VERSION 3.0 - Fixed ordering of search results - Intgrated with navigation apps on your phone - Walk-to directions to street addresses - Drive-to directions to street addresses - 5 different text sizes to choose from - Theme colors; light/dark/auto can now be selected/oversteered - Improved preferences page - Adjusted colors used in light themed version - Several bugfixes VERSION 2.5 - Rewritten search algorithm - New search feature, first letter(s) in names seperated with space ("ALBE EI" will find "ALBErt EInstein" - Pinned contactinfo can now have QR as tile graphics - Latvian/Lithuanian search characters. A big thanks to Ilmars Marcinš - Performance improvements and bug fixes - And more, see WHAT'S NEW in the application for details.

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sandie · 1/18/2013

Doesn't work well

AjithR · 6/25/2012

Needs improvements, not displaying contact details

Player578214891 · 5/18/2012

RapDialer is faster, I recommend that. The options to share contact info are nice in this app though. RapDialer wins in the end in my opinion.

Angelfire G · 5/17/2012

Lags and interface is not the best. RapDialer is much better.

LeapoX · 5/14/2012

Does what it says, but the People hub already has a search feature...

TheFrenzyOne · 5/14/2012

And the point to this app is?

GRANT · 5/2/2014

This is a great idea and a huge improvement over just browsing, which is all WP8 has by default. The problem is it's just to dis-integrated from the default. I can only hope MS adds this back in some time. In some way WinMo 6.5 wad better than WP8.

Pradeep · 9/10/2013

Great app. Very fast. 2 requests--1) can u provide qwerty keyboard addition to T9 search? 2) option to open contact in people hub once it is found. With these 2 it will be a 5* app, please please consider this request, thanks!!

Jimmy · 5/14/2013

This app has been trouble free and even more useful than I expected.

David · 3/2/2013

I've tried most of the "speed dialer" apps and this is by far the best I ran across. It's also the only one I ran across that has speed dialing keys like the old Windows Mobile. This is how the native phone tile should work.