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Susan · 6/7/2015

Rarely crashes and can be made to look very natural... Nice! However, since the key points can be moved around, it seems like there doesn't need to be a detectable face... Also, there is an odd selection of color options, for instance: You can have purple eyebrows but you can't have black lips? And more eyeliner options, please. Great app.

User · 6/3/2015

This app is friggen awesome I didn't like to take pictures because of all of my pimples and acne.....but I now I don't have to worry about all that.... This app can remove acne to changing your eye colors.😊😉😁😂😄😅😆😇😋😍😎😏😜😝😤😪😰☺👍👍👍👌❤❤💕💕

Mary · 7/21/2015

Never recognizes my face, no matter how straight forward I look into the camera!! I'd give this NO stars if I could!!

HEIDI · 5/2/2015

It doesn't look very real you can tell its fake

Lori · 3/30/2015

It is horrible!! I tried to scan my friend... BUT IT SAID THERE WAS NO FACE!!!!!!!

Emily · 3/6/2015

I love this app but it crashes a lot. Also, since I downloaded it my phone crashes everytime I take a picture and I lose them. I need to uninstall this app to see if its the problem because no one else seems to be complaining.

Chenedra · 11/16/2014

Doesn't always allow me access to the app

Carla · 5/12/2015

I think you app is tremendous. There is a problem that the main subject of the pic has to be looking straight into the camera with no head tilt to correct or enhance the pic. The other issue is that the app will correct or enhance one photo over another, based on the lighting I guess??... When they are almost exactly the same photo. It is very random. It seems to prefer the ones that are less in focus. Thank you for the app. You make me a better version of me and my friends!

Matthew · 5/12/2015

Incredible app. Mind blowing! Love it!

JITHIN · 5/23/2015

No words...simple awesome...retouching is just amazing with this app..even amaeturs can make their portraits glazing without the help of photoshop and all...kuddos to the team !!